Best Songs from Poets of the Fall's Twilight Theater

Twilight Theater is the 4th studio album by Finnish alternative rock band Poets of the Fall. It was released in Finland and iTunes on 17th March 2010, and was released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on the 29th of October.

The Top Ten

1 Smoke and Mirrors

This song contains so much emotion in every aspect. The vocals are at their best here, and everything comes together to create near perfection. - kempokid

2 Heal My Wounds

Sticking with the standard theme of POTF, the closing track is absolutely beautiful and extremely good. While some other of their ballads can be somewhat dull or cheesy, these ones are absolutely stunning. - kempokid

3 War

The song has an extremely grandiose, epic feel to it in general, and the build up towards the chorus is extremely good. - kempokid

4 15 Min Flame

I like the slightly more symphonic elements of this song, as well as the wonderful, emotional piano. - kempokid

5 Dying to Live

This one has a pretty good intro, and I really like the melody. The instrumentals in general all sound great. - kempokid

6 Dreaming Wide Awake

A really nice fast paced song, with a great chorus and very high quality vocals. - kempokid

7 Change

This is a really nice ballad that on my initial few listens seemed quite underwhelming, although now I find it a beautiful song. - kempokid

8 Given and Denied

While I don't quite find this song to be as amazing as some of the other ones, I really like the vocals here - kempokid

9 You're Still Here

This one sounds extremely similar to Change in many ways, just an quieter, more subdued version of it, which I personally don't like quite as much. I find the melody to be fairly mediocre compared to Change as well - kempokid

10 Rewind

This one isn't all that memorable to me honestly, nothing in particular stands out - kempokid

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