Top 10 Songs from the Pokémon Sun and Moon Games

Here are my favorite songs from the Pokémon Sun and Moon game. Do vote for and add your favorite song to this list.

The Top Ten

Vast Poni Canyon

So vast the song is good

Replace This With Battle Ultra Necrozma And You Get The Best List! (yay)

Is the best. I love the part of flute. - Joaopuffle1

The true victory road. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Seafolk Village
Konikoni City (Night)

Best song ever of akala *-* remember lamem

Battle Guzma

Why so low? My Boi ;-;

Ancient Poni Path
Battle Island Kahuna

Just so up beat

Battle Champion

I STILL get goosebumps when I hear this song, due to the fact that I finally beat kukui a few months ago. It sounds so beautiful. - IceFoxPlayz

This is the best music IN THE ENTIRE GAME! ( besides the kahuna theme ) - IceFoxPlayz

This theme is amazing. It is YOUR theme. After 20 years, you are finally the Champion. - FrozenHatingPokefan

Why on earth is this #18? The Title Defense theme is amazing-and it's more or less the theme of these games. It has parts taken from the title theme, we heard parts of this theme in the trailers when the hype train was going, and we battle one more character after the Elite Four. The champion is not someone you expected. Kukui is NOT the champion in Sun and Moon. He's just testing you to see if you're worthy of being Champion. The champion in Sun and Moon is you. It even says after you beat Kukui, "Congratulations! You are the Alola region's first ever Champion! " When you beat the elite four again, Kukui will not constantly battle you-different challengers will actually battle you, like how being Champion in Pokémon really works. Hau, Gladion, Faba, and many more characters come to battle you. And while you battle them, your theme, probably one of the best battle themes, will be playing to support you.

Hau'Oli City

Best# pokemon song ever

Battle Lusamine
Aether Branch Chief Faba

Sorry, but I don't like this song. Cliche as it may sounds, I love it! If I were to transcribe the theme, it sounds like something out of a heist movie. - Thifer20

I like this song, it sounds so amazing! It make me want to just walk while playing this song!

The Contenders

Festival Plaza (Day)
Po Town

Not actually creepy, but it has a sense of taste where is makes you wonder, "What did Team Skull do to this place?! "

My favorite town in the game. I found raiding po town to be more emotional than raiding aether. in aether, its emotional, because your confused. "I thought these guys were the good guys. Why is gladion saying this about them? Why are they attacking us? What is going on here? " which is awesome, but in po town, you get an even darker vibe. you see the true terror that team skull can do, even if they are all a complete joke. They took over an entire town, even raided a pokemon center. Also, if you want to reach Guzma by passing the quiz, your expected to say "No! " when asked f you stand by your answers.

This theme fits the depression of the tone so well. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Apparel Shop Theme
Elite Four Battle Theme

Listening to this song makes you get pumped up while you battle one of the Elite Four members.

Perfect way to describe alola's league challenge. this is all new to you. Kukui is excited about his new league. Hala is going to "make you holler". And you realize that you aren't in the little league anymore. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Melemele Island
Team Skull Theme
Mahalo Trial

Sweet sweet memories...

I like this one, don't you think? Doesn't it remind you when you first met Lillie?

Iki Town
Ending Credits Theme

Its magnificent, no matter which of the FOUR, NOT 2, you play.

Mount Lanakila

Definitely feels like it fits the theme. Neat

So epic. It really feels like the true last leg of your adventure. But its... kind of easy to me. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Lillie's Theme

Lillie's theme was so amazingly beautiful


Battle Gladion

Fun fact:

When you listen closely you can here tidbits of " Run Away Fugitives " from PMD Red and Blue Rescue Team

This song was pretty good and the remixes made it even better

Sadly this is replaced with 'Battle Champion' when you fight Gladion in the Pokemon League😢

Malie City (Night)

There has always been something to me about Malie City. It’s on my favorite island, my personal favorite character is met there, my favorite kahuna is battled there, and so much more. But I remember that I arrived at night. The music is the BEST thing about the game for me, only my love for Acerola and Lana can rival it. It’s the most soothing tune, and it’s just plain BEAUTIFUL to me. In fact, I tried composing this song on MagicPiano, even though I know NOTHING about piano. It sounds absolutely TERRIBLE, but you can still feel, and view the pure beauty. I don’t like the day version at all. It’s just rushing you, telling you to go on with your adventure. The night theme is telling you to stay as long as you wish, and I LOVE that. It really feels like the night is peaceful, when not that much of your journey is. -CannonofMalie558

Elite 4 Theme

People've come to expect an Elite 4. so Yes Another Elite 4 theme is ALSO expected

Vs Solgaleo, Lunala, and Necrozma

I ❤ this theme

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