Top 10 Best Songs On Primal Fear's New Religion

Primal Fear is a metal band from Germany that works successfully within 3 metal subgenres - heavy metal, speed metal and power metal. The album New Religion came out in 2007.

Ralf Scheepers - lead vocals
Mat Sinner - bass, backing vocals, primary songwriting
Stefan Leibing - guitars, keyboards
Henny Wolter - guitars
Randy Black - drums

The Top Ten

1 The Man (That I Don't Know)

Amazing and lyrically deep song. The best vox from Ralf - his sustain in the middle of the song is remarkable. - Metal_Treasure

2 Fighting the Darkness: B) the Darkness

This is the second, instrumental part of a trilogy - they nailed it. Impressive and beautiful. - Metal_Treasure

3 Blood On Your Hands

A very cool song - the riff, drumming, etc.
"God save us from the stupid leaders
Who lead a million souls to death". - Metal_Treasure

4 Fighting the Darkness: A) Fighting the Darkness
5 World On Fire
6 Everytime It Rains

A beautiful duet with Simone Simons of Epica. - Metal_Treasure

7 Too Much Time

I love their fast paced songs. - Metal_Treasure

8 New Religion
9 Psycho
10 Face the Emptiness

The Contenders

11 The Curse of Sharon
12 Sign of Fear
13 Fighting the Darkness: C) Reprise
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