Top 10 Best Songs On Primal Fear's Unbreakable

Primal Fear are metallers from Germany whose subgenres are: traditional metal, power metal and speed metal. Unbreakable came out in 2012.

Ralf Scheepers - vocals
Mat Sinner - bass, backing vocals, primary songwriting
Magnus Karlsson - guitars, keyboards
Alex Beyrodt - guitars
Randy Black - drums

The Top Ten

1 Strike

This is probably my favorite Primal Fear song and my favorite solo - it's very fast and stunning with those twin guitars. - Metal_Treasure

2 Conviction
3 And There Was Silence

A very fast song with great solo and impressive sustain from Ralf. - Metal_Treasure

4 Unbreakable (Part 2)
5 Where Angels Die

Epic song, 8:09 min long. - Metal_Treasure

6 Bad Guys Wear Black

A really energetic song with cool riff. It's a metal anthem:

"Bang your head
And never turn it down
Bang your head
Bad guys wear black

Feel the rhythm pounding". - Metal_Treasure

7 Blaze of Glory
8 Give 'em Hell
9 Born Again
10 Marching Again

The Contenders

11 Unbreakable (Part 1)

This is a short intro piece (1:37 min). It can be a movie soundtrack. - Metal_Treasure

12 Metal Nation
13 Night of the Jumps
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