Best Songs From Queen's Made In Heaven

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1 Too Much Love Will Kill You
2 A Winter's Tale
3 I Was Born to Love You

Should be number 1

4 Made in Heaven
5 Mother Love

The saddest, the purest and the final track of the entire career of the best band in the world! Just the best vocal performance by Freddie and of the most bitchin' solos by Brian! Highly recommended to everyone everywhere!

6 You Don't Fool Me
7 Let Me Live
8 Heaven for Everyone
9 My Life Has Been Saved
10 Untitled (Hidden Track)

This is a very interesting piece. 21 minutes of pure serenity. - ethany

The Contenders

11 It's a Beautiful Day

so hard to choose on this album as all are stunning but the reprise of this blows my mind everytime, a fast collection of their hits through the years interspersed with new sound just amazing, always a mood pleaser for sure

my day is always beautiful when I start with this song, I absolutely love it, try to listen to it on a bright sunny morning, it makes miracles with you

12 Yeah

I bet, that this is one of the least bought songs on iTunes separately. Who would pay money to listen to Freddie Mercury say "Yeah".

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13 Rock In Rio Blues
14 It's a Beautiful Day (Reprise)
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