Best Songs from Queens Greatest Hits 1, 2 and 3


The Top Ten

1 Now I'm Here

This song definitely deserves to be number 1 I love it so much it is the coolest song ever I love the guitar and the vocals like always freddie's singing makes any song sound good I love queen so much they are the best band ever!

I love this song it is very underrated and has a brilliant guitar riff and freddies vocals are amazing like they always are - Willj

This song is so good my faviroute queen song - Legend1221

2 Bohemian Rhapsody

Nothing comes close to this this is pure genius freddie and the others really have created a masterpiece and this is it an extraordinary bit of rock and opera put together to create the best song of all time.

This is the best song ever! It should be number 1 not now I'm here this song is queens best song ever nothing is better than it so seriously people vote for Bohemian Rhapsody it deserves to be number 1 - littlekid

3 Another One Bites the Dust

Wow this song is just insane has a really upbeat rhythm it is such a cool song that should be number 1 with bohemian rhapsody at number 2.

This is the best queen song I love the bass riff such a cool song

4 Save Me

This the best song EVER! I love queen and this is my favourite one of their songs it's so amazing I listen to on repeat every day.

5 Don't Stop Me Now
6 Innuendo
7 Under Pressure
8 Somebody to Love
9 Radio Ga Ga
10 I Want It All

The Contenders

11 The Show Must Go On

Year it should - Legend1221

Great list! This song should be higher though. - Userguy44

12 Killer Queen
13 Too Much Love Will Kill You
14 Bicycle Race

This is a very underrated song - Legend1221

15 Fat Bottomed Girls
16 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
17 One Vision
18 Hammer to Fall

This song is very cool! - Userguy44

19 No One but You
20 Heaven for Everyone
21 Headlong
22 The Miracle
23 Let Me Live
24 Who Wants to Live Forever
25 Driven by You

Even though it is Brian May's album it is also on queens greatest hits 3 and is a really good song - Willj

This is such an awesome song - littlekid

26 Seven Seas of Rhye
27 Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

This is a brilliant song I love it, but it is so underrated - Legend1221

28 These are the Days of Our Lives
29 You Don't Fool Me
30 You're My Best Friend
31 Friends Will Be Friends
32 A Kind of Magic
33 Play the Game
34 Thank God It's Christmas
35 Living on My Own
36 The Great Pretender
37 The Invisible Man
38 Breakthru
39 I'm Going Slightly Mad

Amazing love the music video, but such an amazing song and one of the most underrated queen songs - littlekid

40 I Want to Break Free
41 Flash
42 Barcelona
43 Princes of the Universe
44 Las Palabras de Amor
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