Best Songs From Queens of the Stone Age's ... Like Clockwork

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1 I Appear Missing I Appear Missing
2 If I Had a Tail If I Had a Tail
3 Kalopsia Kalopsia

Epic yet still cool. Kalopsia rocks.

4 My God Is the Sun My God Is the Sun

To be honest, I think this song is over-rated. Sure it's a great song but there are better qotsa songs in this album.

5 Keep Your Eyes Peeled Keep Your Eyes Peeled
6 Smooth Sailing Smooth Sailing

Addictive, from beginning to end surrounding a delightful music

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7 I Sat by the Ocean I Sat by the Ocean
8 ...Like Clockwork ...Like Clockwork

Most underrated song on the album. Deserves to be higher on this list. - swagman

Should be number one. Such an under-appreciated track

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9 The Vampyre of Time and Memory The Vampyre of Time and Memory

Exactly what every desert rock band should have in every album.

How us this number 10 its not as good as I spear missing or my god is the sun but it's my 3rd favourite song on this album

10 Fairweather Friends Fairweather Friends

I Appear Missing is my favorite but since it is number one my second favorite gets my vote. This song has amazing drumming, 3 awesome guitar solos, and crazy 3 part harmonies between Josh, Trent, and Elton John.

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