Best Songs From Queens of the Stone Age's ... Like Clockwork

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1 I Appear Missing
2 If I Had a Tail
3 Kalopsia

Epic yet still cool. Kalopsia rocks.

4 My God Is the Sun

To be honest, I think this song is over-rated. Sure it's a great song but there are better qotsa songs in this album.

5 I Sat by the Ocean
6 Keep Your Eyes Peeled
7 Smooth Sailing

Addictive, from beginning to end surrounding a delightful music

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8 ...Like Clockwork

Most underrated song on the album. Deserves to be higher on this list. - swagman

Should be number one. Such an under-appreciated track

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9 Fairweather Friends

I Appear Missing is my favorite but since it is number one my second favorite gets my vote. This song has amazing drumming, 3 awesome guitar solos, and crazy 3 part harmonies between Josh, Trent, and Elton John.

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10 The Vampyre of Time and Memory

Exactly what every desert rock band should have in every album.

How us this number 10 its not as good as I spear missing or my god is the sun but it's my 3rd favourite song on this album

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