Top Ten Best Songs On Queens of the Stone Age's Rated R

Today we count down the top 10 best songs on Palm Desert rock band Queens of the Stone Age's 2000 album, "Rated R".

The Top Ten

1 In the Fade

Mark Lanegan's voice is magnificent, but that riff after the chorus sells this song for me. The main highlight on an album full of them.

2 Better Living Through Chemistry
3 I Think I Lost My Headache
4 Auto Pilot
5 The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
6 Monsters In the Parasol
7 Feel Good Hit of the Summer
8 Quick and to the Pointless
9 Lightning Song
10 Leg of Lamb

The Contenders

11 Tension Head

Bad asss

12 Ode to Clarissa
13 Born to Hula
14 Who'll Be the Next in Line
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