Rocking With Regret: Dedicated to Chaos by Queensryche

christangrant Queensryche is a great band they have released many great albums their best being Operation: Mindcrime one of the best Progressive Metal albums of all time. However not everything they have ever released is good and today we look at what is considered their worst album, But first some facts about this album.

Dedicated to Chaos is the 12th studio album by Queensryche released through Proud and Loud/Roadrunner Records in June 21 2011 for Japan and June 28 2011 for The U.S.A. This album is a very stylistic change from their previous albums while stylistic changes can sometimes work but here it doesn't so why is this album considered their worst well i'm going to go track by tack and see just how bad this album really is.

Get Started:

This album starts off with a pretty good song yeah there really isn't that much flaws here the vocals while not the greatest are alright here the riffs are pretty good overall a good start the album but sadly this is the highlight of the album the best song on the album is already over. and it only goes downhill from here.
Rating 10/10

Hot Spot Junkie:

This song is where the stylistic changes are really starting to be noticeable while in the first track they weren't that noticeable here they are very clear that this is a different sound and as for this song itself it's alright it's not bad the riffs are alright but they aren't as good as the last track was overall this is probably one of the stronger songs on this album but it's not the best.
Rating 8/10

Got It Bad:

And here is where it starts to go downhill while the song isn't the worst song from this album it's very boring, Repetitive and just bad It also features less heavy metal guitar riffs from the previous track which itself wasn't as good as the first song from this album. But
it barley sounds like a Metal song and more like a Reggae Rock song. Overall this song is bad and has only a few redeeming qualities. Oh and the vocals here are bad as well fitting since it is titled Got It Bad.
Rating 5/10


And here comes more bad songs in the beginning it sounds like it could be a descent song but it's repetitive and this song features a Saxophone which i don't hate Saxophones but it serves no purpose in this song. This sounds like it's trying to be a Jazz song while also trying to be a Hard Rock/Heavy Metal song but it doesn't work well and you end up with another bad song.
Rating 5/10

Wot We Do:

This song honestly makes me laugh just at how bad this is. This is made by the same band who made great albums like Empire, Operation: Mindcrime, Warning, and Rage for Order which all 4 of those are great albums this album on the other hand sucks but at least it's laughably bad. But overall this song is bad just like the other songs from this album.
Rating 5/10

Around the World:

It's somewhat Ok it at least it sounds pretty descent and not a "Try Not to Laugh" song. it sounds like they were trying here and put more effort into this song than the last few songs but again this song isn't really a metal song it's fine for what it is but the problem is this is by Queensryche a Progressive Metal band so you would think they would play some Progressive Metal songs on this album but nope almost none of the songs on this album are metal instead they wasted their talent on whatever the hell genre these songs classify under but they surly don't fall under the metal genre that's for sure.
Rating 6/10


The first part of the song we hear some guitars and it sounds like it's building up to something and the payoff is alright but this song could have been so much better but at least it's nice to hear something that sounds a bit metal like on this album but the riffs are too repetitive in my opinion that's what keeps this from being a really good song.
Rating 7/10

At the Edge:

It builds up to good guitar nice to hear that this album is starting sound like a metal album but for some reason theres pauses right after Geoff says something but besides that this song is one of the better ones from this album it's one of the few songs on this album that sounds like they were trying to make something really good and this song is good just not as good as the first song such a shame that half way through the song it changes to a much more slow and boring song it should have ended after the halfway mark.
Rating 8/10

I Take You:

Again like the first song its starts off pretty good too bad the whole song isn't like that the riffs get repetitive but it's not that bad of a song but i don't have much to say so moving on.
Rating 8/10

Retail Therapy;

This song kinda reminds me of a Dream Theater song which i like Dream Theater and i do like this song because well it's a Metal song one of the few songs on this album that sounds like a metal song. While i still think Get Started is the best song from this album this is a close 2nd.
Rating 10/10

The Lie:

This song starts off pretty good but just like some of the other songs from this album the guitars get repetitive and boring but to be fair this song is good but i don't have much to say so let's go on to the final track.
Rating 8/10

Big Noize:

This is the longest song on the album coming in at 6 Minutes and 35 Seconds and well this song i don't even know what to say it's not as good as the last few songs were but overall this song is meh not really anything special just boring and this wasn't the best way to end this album.
Rating 6/10

Now let's add up the scores.


10(x2) = 8(x4) + 7+ 6(x2) + 5 (x3) = 86 - 20 = 66

Rating 66/100

While this album wasn't as bad as Lulu or Illud Divinium Insanus was it's still not that great of a album with only a few good songs its such a shame because this whole album could have been alot better this album hasn't been as bad as i thought it was going to be but its certainly not that good of an album either so overall this album is just one big gigantic meh.

Anyways that's the end of this review leave a comment if you wish.