Best Songs from Queensrÿche's Rage for Order

I don't believe this list has been made yet (if it has, I couldn't find it). So here's a list of the best songs from Queensrÿche's Rage For Order album. This is probably my favorite Queensrÿche album, with Operation: Mindcrime and The Warning right behind.

The Top Ten

1 Screaming in Digital

Probably my favorite song from this album, this is great. Kind of strange sounding the first time you hear it, but it's really an amazing track. - Element119

Featured list! Hooray for Element! - DCfnaf

@Onion You're welcome. They are definitely a great band. - Element119

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2 Walk in the Shadows

Probably the most popular song off this album along with their cover of Gonna Get Close To You but I would definitely say it deserves the bit of fame it gets. - Element119

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3 Neue Regel

The first song I heard from this album, it remains one of my favorites. It builds up into a really great song and is definitely an exceptional Queensrÿche song. - Element119

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4 I Will Remember

I'd say this song is probably my favorite vocal performance by Geoff Tate. It's a beautiful ballad (an extremely underrated one as well) and a great way to close the album. - Element119

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5 I Dream in Infrared

A pretty underrated song, one of my favorites from this album. - Element119

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6 The Killing Words

While a relatively unknown song it seems, I always really liked this. The chorus is great as well. - Element119

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7 The Whisper

This is a really good song overall and the vocals here are especially great. - Element119

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8 Gonna Get Close to You

This is a cover song (by an artist called Dalbello), which is partially why I put it lower on the list. Definitely not your typical Queensrÿche song, but still cool. - Element119

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9 Chemical Youth

Not really one of my favorites on here, but still a good song (in my opinion, all the songs on this list are good). Pretty cool lyrics as well. - Element119

I like this song. I guess it's probably because I tend to like all songs with galloping rhythm. - Metal_Treasure

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10 Surgical Strike UListen to Sample

The Contenders

11 London

Couldn't put this on the list originally since there are 11 tracks and I can only put 10 items on the original list. Adding it so all the songs are on here. - Element119

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