Top Ten Songs in the Quest For Glory II: Trial By Fire Soundtrack

Mage's Initiation: Reign of the Elements is released on January 30th of 2019, a video game inspired by the classic Quest For Glory series. So I will be making lots of Quest For Glory related lists until that game is released. I've already made lists about the best monsters in each Quest For Glory game, and before I will make lists about the best monsters in the series in general I thought about looking at the soundtracks in each game first. Yesterday I made the list about the best songs in the first game so now it's time for the ones in my personal favourite Quest For Glory game. Here's the list!

The Top Ten

1 En Route to Ad Avis

Yay, the best song ever in the game! This might not only be the best soundtrack found in the entire game, but may be one of my favourite video game soundtracks of all time! It's up there with masterpieces like Erana's Peace, Mountaintop Secrets, Buoy Base Galaxy, Dreamy Somnon Labyrinth, etc. This might be one of the most epic songs I have ever heard in my life. It has such an adventurous theme and heroic feel, you just can't help but live in another world while listening to it. It's one of the most inspiring, adventurous, epic and somewhat emotional soundtracks I've ever heard in my entire life! The fact that this is played near the end of the game where you must save the world emphasizes the epincess even more honestly. It's above perfect for a soundtrack - darthvadern

2 Battle With Ad Avis

The final "boss" battle of the game surely knows how to have a good soundtrack! It's not nearly as epic as en route to ad avis but surely quite an awesome song as well. Ad Avis is my favourite video game character of all time and this song just shows his greed and how he is close to succed in world domination. This song deserves to be high up on the list - darthvadern

3 Introduction

In a few ways a remix of the original introduction from the first game but with a more arabic feel. It certainly fits because the game is set in the colourful arab world of the country of Shapeir. This soundtrack surely is quite cool which is a plus and gives a sense of playing the game - darthvadern

4 The Poet Omar

I'd say this soundtrack is quite epic in my opinion. So at some days in the game there will be the poet omar who will read arts of poetry about what dangers will attack the city and making the hero prepared. This soundtrack really helps you getting the feel of heroism and excitement - darthvadern

5 The Dervish

Surely quite a catchy tune in my opinion. You're walking in the desert maybe searching for water. Then out of sudden you approach an oasis with an intelligent human being meditating. This soundtrack makes you feel quite interested (I don't know what word to use really) and it's great! - darthvadern

6 Raseir!

Oh yeah. Raseir, the twin sister city of the city of Shapeir. Except it's much more run-down, grey and under a dictatorship compared to the rather colourful and happy city of Shapeir. Right before you enter this city the guards meet you and talk in a rude manner and this soundtrack helps you getting the scary feeling that you're in a dangerous place right now. Raseir is the better of the two twin cities mainly because of this - darthvadern

7 The Blue Parrot Inn

If I were to own a bar in a poor country, this would be the music I would play 24/7. It's perfect for a bar music and really fits, especially since this inn is located in the dangerous city of Raseir. When you think of a blue parrot, you usually think of a colourful and cool place, but it's actually a creepy and run-down place - darthvadern

8 Your Friend, Ad Avis

Hands down the creepiest tune in the game, even for objective standards. The fact that it's played during a period in the game when you're getting hypnotized by the main villian of the game makes it even creepier and it shows how powerful in a way Ad Avis is - darthvadern

9 Defeat of Ad Avis

The theme that plays after you've defeated Ad Avis and can finally calm. It's such an epic piece of soundtrack that shows that your adventure in Shapeir are now over and you are to be given the title of hero of Shapeir (SPOILERS (maybe) and prince of Shapeir as well). It's a great soundtrack for the completion of the game - darthvadern

10 The Forbidden City (Part 2)

So there's actually three parts of this soundtrack. The first one that's played outside of the city during the night that has a creepy and cold theme, the second one which is played in the cave part of the city and has more of a warm and calm theme and the third part which is played in the magma chamber and has a more epic theme. My personal favourite is the second one because as I said, it's calm, warm and overall fun to listen to and the easiest one to figure out puzzles to as well in - darthvadern

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