Top Ten Songs in the Quest For Glory III: Wages of War Soundtrack

Mage's Initiation: Reign of the Elements is released on January 30th of 2019, a video game inspired by the classic Quest For Glory series. So I will be making lots of Quest For Glory related lists until that game is released. I've already made lists about the best monsters in each Quest For Glory game, and before I will make lists about the best monsters in the series in general I thought about looking at the soundtracks in each game first. Yesterday I made the list about the best songs in the first game, and recently in the second game so now it's time for the third one. Personally this is my least favourite of the original four games both in terms of music and overall game, but it's still a great game in my opinion. Here's the list!

The Top Ten

1 Demon Wizard

This surely is quite an epic theme in my opinion and may be the only soundtrack in the game that is near-perfect. As this is the soundtrack played during the end where you must save the world (once agian). I won't say fro mwho because it will be major spoilers then. I my opinion it's the best endgame soundtrack in the series (excluding the thief endgame of the second one which is En Route to Ad Avis and is one of my favourite songs of all time). Ironically the game itself has the weakest soundtrack of the four. Compared to the rest though, the first one didn't really have one, the second one (the fighter and wizard one, AKA the standard one) had great but no where near as good as the thief one, the fourth one had quite an unmemorable one. This one is quite epic though and gives you an epic feel of saving the world - darthvadern

2 The Battle I

Who would've thought that the first battle theme would've been the best one in this game? Not only that but it's in the top two! It's played during the weakest enemies in the game (of each area, I mean Crocs are way easier than Apemen) but gives quite a cool and adventurous theme of fighting inside of you. This song surely deserves top two - darthvadern

3 The Mirror Room

This surely is quite an epic theme. It's close to the end of the game and it surely knows how to be epic. You're literally fighting an evil version of yourself in this battle while listening to this awesome tune! Can it get this epic really? - darthvadern

4 The Chase

In my opinion, the soundblaster version is way better as it feels more epic and fun to listen too. The MT-32 version is great too though. It's probably the most chaotic song in the game but very entertaining to listen to. It kinda fits as well as you're running away from monsters trying to attack you - darthvadern

5 Rakeesh

The first soundtrack you'll hear in the game where you can move your character as well. It really fits as a soundtrack for the first background you can move in as it gives somewhat of a adventurous theme and that a new adventure has started. I like it - darthvadern

6 Apothecary

It's a nice little theme in my opinion. It gives you somewhat of a shopping feel and it really fits in an apothecary. I think it's a really good soundtrack in my opinion if you ask me - darthvadern

7 Eastern Fricana (Savannah)

Out of the four soundtracks played when you are on the map, the western part of the savannah surely is the best. While the music doesn't fit at all, heck, it would be better as soundtrack played during a meeting, but it's very catchy in my opinion and has an adventurous theme - darthvadern

8 Eastern Fricana (The Lost City)

Slightly worse than "Eastern Fricana (Savannah)" but still a pretty good soundtrack. The piano really blends well with the jungle theme and overall really fits in the jungle overall. I think it's definitely one of the top ten soundtracks in the video game - darthvadern

9 The Lost City

Even though the area itself was very rushed and disappointing, I think the soundtrack was alright. It has somewhat of a creepy theme which is good because the lost city is an abandoned city in the jungle and it really fits in my opinion - darthvadern

10 Initiation Ritual

Overall very good soundtrack honestly. It's a slower remix on the introduction theme from the first game but used in a completely different manner, as this soundtrack is used when you are competeting agianst a friend and it's quite cool. I'm not sure if it really fits but it's good - darthvadern

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