Top Ten Songs in the Quest For Glory: Shadows of Darkness Soundtrack

Mage's Initiation: Reign of the Elements is released on January 30th of 2019, a video game inspired by the classic Quest For Glory series. So I will be making lots of Quest For Glory related lists until that game is released. I've already made lists about the best monsters in each Quest For Glory game, and before I will make lists about the best monsters in the series in general I thought about looking at the soundtracks in each game first. Yesterday I made the list about the best songs in the first, second and third installments so time for the final one of the original four. I think this game had overall the best soundtrack of the original four and you'll notice it as I think all of the songs here on the list are great or better. Here's the list!

The Top Ten

1 Necrotaur Battle

The necrotaur as an enemy is quite good, but lacks interesting aspects, as it mostly just is a bull zombie. If it weren't for the amazing music played during the battle this monster wouldn't be in the top three of my ranking of favourite monsters in this particular game. Good gods is this soundtrack amazing! Hands down the best music in the game! It's very epic and awesome to listen to and just impossible to hate. You can't deny how epic the song is! - darthvadern

2 Hotel Mordavia

Truly an awesome theme! It definitely deserves to be in the top three! This song truly makes you feel like you're in a hotel far away in a slavic country, possibly in Romania or Moldova, I mean Mordavia is clearly taken from Moldova and the spooky setting feels like Transylvania. I love this song - darthvadern

3 Dr. Cranium Hallway

Such a nice and calm song that really makes you think and try to solve puzzles. That fits because in the room this plays you must solve some puzzles to get to the next room. The puzzles are very fun to complete and that's part thanks to the great soundtrack you listen to while solving them - darthvadern

4 Badder Battle

Second worst monster in the game, second best monster soundtrack in the game. Na nana. Nana nanA. Sorry if this is cringe but I felt like imitating the soundtrack. It's such a catchy piece of music that will get stuck in your head - darthvadern

5 Final Showdown

While this isn't as good as Battle With Ad Avis / En Route to Ad Avis or Demon Wizard/World Gate, it's still an awesome song I must say. It might be one of the catchier "final boss" soundtracks and surely quite cool. However it doesn't really give an epic feeling like the other three songs but rather a funny and more childishly epic feeling but it's very appreciated as well. Just going to imitate a bit. Na na na naaa. Na na na naaa. Sorry if it's cringe but I just felt like so - darthvadern

6 Chernovy Battle

That electric guitar surely is quite awesome in my opinion! On top of that, the song itself is fun to listen too. This enemy is one of my favourites from the game, in fact my second favourite and the soundtrack really helps it being better than it already was from the beggining. It's not as epic as the necrotaur battle but it's still excellent - darthvadern

7 Dr. Cranium Laboratory

The perfect soundtrack to play in a mad scientist's laboratory. It really describes the excellent character of Dr. Cranium. He is one of my favourite characters in the franchise and is awesome and very likeable. He can help you a lot during your adventure and his personality and soundtrack helps showing it - darthvadern

8 Erana's Garden

Not as good as Erana's Peace from the original Quest For Glory (obviously) but very nice and emotional as well in my opinion. You'd think an electric guitar was only used in chaotic songs but it's actually used here as well and it really helps giving you a calm feeling. It's impressive how a electric guitar can be calming - darthvadern

9 Wyvern Battle

The Wyvern is my favourite monster in the game in my opinion. Ironically the music isn't anywhere near as good as the Necrotaur. Funny enough if you compared the monsters of wyvern (which is excellent) and the monster of necrotaur (which is good), if you were talking about the songs used during their battles the monsters would switch place. But eh, I like the Necrotaur as a monster and I have the same feelings about this song. It's quite fun to listen to although it's one of the weaker monster soundtracks in the game - darthvadern

10 Escaping the Battle

This game's version of the music used when being chased by a monster. It's definitely the calmest one yet and one of the less memorable but I think it's very fun to listen to. It gives you a feeling that you gotta run away and that you're being chased, and you can choose to either battle the monster or escape it (like the title of the song says) - darthvadern

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