Top Ten Songs in the Quest for Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero Soundtrack

Mage's Initiation: Reign of the Elements is released on January 30th of 2019, a video game inspired by the classic Quest For Glory series. So I will be making lots of Quest For Glory related lists until that game is released. I've already made lists about the best monsters in each Quest For Glory game, and before I will make lists about the best monsters in the series in general I thought about looking at the soundtracks in each game first, starting with the first entry in the series. Here's the list!

The Top Ten

1 Erana's Peace

Hands down not only the best song in the game, but may be the best song in the entire series! It's hands down one of the calmest and most emotional video game soundtracks I've ever heard it could be compared to Mountaintop Secrets and Dreamy Somnon Labyrinth! It's that good! Just google it up and listen to it now! It will be one of your best experiences ever! One of the all-time calmest video game tunes and best I've ever heard! Ok, sorry if I sound a bit too excited but this song just is that good - darthvadern

2 Introduction

I'll give a shoutout to the epic soundtrack used in the intro of the game! This surely is quite an epic piece of soundtrack that gives an awesome feel about what a great time you'll have while playing this awesome game! Very epic tune and adventurous as well - darthvadern

3 Brigand Fortress

A top three worthy contender, this is the soundtrack played during the last area of the game, AKA final level basically and it's quite epic. You gotta dodge traps, block your path so that the brigands won't get you and listen to this awesome soundtrack. Ironically the last parts of this area were my least favourites, but eh - darthvadern

4 Battle Theme 2

It's a bit more epic than its more memorable first counterpart in my opinion. It tells you that the enemy you're fighting is much harder than the other ones you've beaten, and it's good as this theme is played during the nighttime monster, AKA the harder ones, like mantray, cheetaur, trolls and saurus rex. It's also played during the bosses, like Toro, Fred, Ogre and Bear (the last one which you shouldn't fight though, you'll understand it once you play the game) - darthvadern

5 The Thief

This surely is quite catchy in my opinion. The thief class is my favourite of the three in the game and this is the song that plays whenever you break into someone's house and it's good. It kinda shows the danger of breaking into someone's house and it's catchy - darthvadern

6 Goblin's Camp

Tied with Battle Theme 1, this is the catchiest soundtrack in the game! You'll be hearing this theme a lot if you're a fighter and fight goblins occasianally and it surely is catchy! May be one of the most memorable soundtracks in the game as well! - darthvadern

7 Battle Theme 1

Hands down the most memorable soundtrack in the game! While not as good as the second battle theme, it's surely catchier and more memorable. Whenever I think of this game, this soundtrack pops up in my head first! It basically tells how memorable this game is! It's the soundtrack played when you fight the daytime monsters such as goblins, brigands and sauruses, AKA the easier ones - darthvadern

8 Hero's March

Although being incredibly short, actually only a few seconds, it means so much! It's the soundtrack that plays t when you leave the town the first time and are on your own and know that you are in a dangerous place where monsters can attack you from any corner of the screen. It's short but very meaningful - darthvadern

9 Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga is my favourite character in the game. I love her creepy appearence and quotes and is quite scary. She has two soundtracks. I prefer the one outside of the hut as it's a bit more memorable of you ask me, which is this one - darthvadern

10 Kobold Cave

This soundtrack has somewhat of a creepy feel, in a good way of course! Otherwise I don't think I'd have this soundtrack on the list. It kinda shows the creepiness of the cave you're currently in, habited by a very strong magic user - darthvadern

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