Best Songs on Quo Vadis' Defiant Imagination

Quo Vadis are a Canadian metal band formed in 1993.
Subgenre: Technical Melodic Death Metal (they combine melody and technicality; it's a very rare combination because usually melodic death metal bands aren't technical and vice versa).

Lyrical themes: Life, Belief

Defiant Imagination is their 3rd album released in 2004. I think there aren't bad songs on this album.

Band members:
Bart Frydrychowicz - Guitars (lead and rhythm)
Yanic Bercier - Drums, Vocals (backing)
Stéphane Paré - Vocals

Guest/session musicians:
Steve DiGiorgio - Bass, including fretless bass
William Seghers - Guitars (lead) (tracks 1-3, 5, 7)
Ian Campbell - Vocals (lead) (track 5 - To the Bitter End)
Elizabeth Giroux - Cello
Roxanne Constantin - Keyboards, Vocals (soprano), Vocals (alto)

The Top Ten

1 Silence Calls the Storm

This song has several interesting moments: from the beautiful riffs to the fretless bass lines and tight drums, and last but not least - the epic scream/growl in the intro that is held for 17 seconds! - Metal_Treasure

2 In Contempt

Lead guitar and bass stand out here (bass during the solo is sweet) - Metal_Treasure

3 Fate's Descent
4 To the Bitter End

A guest vocalist provides lead vocals - Ian Campbell (from Neuraxis) - Metal_Treasure

5 Tunnel Effect (Element of the Ensemble IV)

Very tight and exploding intro and the song doesn't slow down later - Metal_Treasure

6 Break the Cycle
7 Dead Man's Diary

It's perhaps the album's most accessible song - not very fast or heavy compared to the other songs on the album. Bass is more audible here. - Metal_Treasure

8 In Articulo Mortis (Live)

This is a short tribute song (1:07) In Memory of Chuck Schuldiner. It's like Gregorian chanting that contains male and female choirs, piano, cello, etc., with these lyrics:
In Articulo Mortis
Hora Mortis
Hora Venit" - Metal_Treasure

9 Ego Intuo et Servo Te

A very short closing track (0:51) with short lyrics:
"Ego Into Et Servo Te" - Metal_Treasure

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