Best Songs from Rae Sremmurd's Sremmlife

Lists the best best songs from the album SremmLife.

The Top Ten

1 No Type

Listened to it. Sounds like 2 kids breaking into a club, smoking, drinking and killing pigeons

2 No Flex Zone

Best song of this album

The 1st song I listened to by Rae Sremmurd. It sounds like 10 year old kids breaking into stripclubs and getting high, smoking and eating piegons. - AlphaQ

3 Yno

This might be the worst song of 2015 so I don't know. - AlphaQ

4 My X

My X can't be this high. It's the 3rd worst rap song ever and easily the worst on SremmLife. Also they were one if the causes of getting Rae Sremmurd to #1 on my remix. - AlphaQ

5 Up Like Trump

epic song

6 Lit Like Bic

Great song

7 Throw Sum Mo

NO! This song is so bad, that not even NICKI, the Goddess of Rap could save it!

8 This Could Be Us

This my God...this is FANTASTIC!

This is damn nice


€This could be us but u playing” AWESOME SONG 😎👌🏻

9 Safe Sex Pay Checks

Best of that crap. - AlphaQ

This is definitely the best song of SremmLife. though it's 2/5 it's catchy, bouncy and got a dope beat. - AlphaQ

This song is the best on this album, with a catchy hook and a dope beat. Really you have to listen to it. Again if you had!. "Safe sex and pay checks"!. "Oooho, Oooho, Oooho"..

10 Unlock the Swag

Nah, this is 1 of the worst. - AlphaQ

The Contenders

11 Come Get Her
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