Album Analysis: SremmLife

Ok, I'll promise I'll not drink the bleach.

Lit Like Bic: Pretty sleazy if you ask me. Very boring and generic, pretty much the better version of This could be US. -1/5

Unlock the Swag: Holy crap-la-wtf-garbage *sputters* is this...? Even rapping? This is screeching at a horrible level. There is literally ZERO flow that it's like normal talking. Rapping and talking are not the same thing, Jimmy. Swae Lee sounds like a duck being raped by Tyga and Jimmy sounds like he is choking on something. "Unlock the swag/the swag, unlock." I cannot seem to understand what type of lyrics that is. "The swag, unlock." These vocals sound like 7 year olds choking on coconuts and trying to brag about getting bitches, NS that's exactly what Rae Sremmurd are. -5/5

No Flex Zone: Oh, that hit. This is one of the worst hits of 2015...and 2014 because this song is from 2014 but the album was released in January 2015, which is probably the first album to be released of the year which is an awful start to the year. Swae Lee is weak, has an ALRIGHT flow for his standards (terrible) and Slim Jimmy sounds awful and screechy, he has some power but doesn't use it as well as he could, the beat is better than most of Rae Sremmurd's songs and this is not your typical RS song. 1/5

My X: Take EVERYTHING from Unlock the Swag and amp it up by 3. This is the worst song of the album. This song has absolutely ZERO strength, The duo have their low, lower than Tyga, Nicki Minaj and BOTDF's lowest points. The duo have no flow at all and are just screaming like 5 year olds who want lollipop's. Swae Lee once screams,"You Shoulda had a check, bitch." which sounds so bad and screeches so loud I couldn't count how many windows I might have broken. Also. it is one of the worst lyrics I've ever heard. If I made a list of song with the worst lyrics, this would easily be second just after FACK and before Stupid Hoe (which isn't as bad as Anaconda but the lyrics are worse). The beginning of the song is loud but weak, however, when Swae Lee raps,"My X bitch, shinin' on my ex bitch." It is loud and angry, but the power level is a big, fat 0. Slim Jimmy (Swae Lee with power) had NO power at all. The song is badly writtenUnfortunately for Mike WiLL Ruined It, this comes across as the worst song of 2015. I'd put this in the Top 5 if it wasn't for 2 songs being tied for #1 (Bingo and FACK) and if Drinkin' Too Much and Anaconda weren't worse...-50/5

This Could Be Us: Dull and generic. Doesn't stand out at all. I felt that this was so boring and felt that I've listened to it a billion times when I know I haven't. The vocals make me wanna sleep. It is pretty lazy and ununique and it is pretty much nothing. -1/5

Come Get Her: Typical "steal yo girl" lyrics, creepy beat and vocals. Silimlar to Up Like Trump but slightly better. Basically, a sleazy, generic party song. The production isn't bad as the others but it sure is a slog to listen to. 0/5

Up Like Trump: The song is absolutely stupid, who'd wanna be like Trump? Anyone? *cricket chirps* *sits on it* *screams* the beat is just really dreary and lazy which makes it sound more creepy than fun. Swae Lee sounds tired and Slim Jimmy is Swae Lee's has a terribly weak flow. It is very dull to listen to and sounds like one of these creepy lullabies with awful rapping and all dull everything. -5/5

Throw Sum Mo: This was talentless at all costs, Nicki Minaj is in this and did a sh!t job of the chorus, she sound really bored and sleepy, she tried to hard to be sexy, which is a problem with her these days and why her music is declining in quality. Young Thug was absolutely outrageous in bad way. But the fault however goes to the duo of pasta hairdos called Rae Sremmurd. Swae Lee and Slim Jimmy had no power and the beat is dreary, sluggish and boring to the maximum, -5/5

YNO: This is weak, weary, lousy, sludgy, awful on all grounds. This is a pretty weak song with a lame appearance from Big Sean. Everything about the song is boring and it makes me wanna sleep. I dont have much to say about this and I'll let WonkeyDude98 explain the rest. All I can tell you is that this is not your typical Rae Sremmurd song. It's 1 of the worst. Ugh. -10/5

No Type :I agree this song was pretty lame but what makes this song the best song of the album (tied with SSPC) Swae Lee has a pretty remarkable flow, this is No Flex Zone done in a better way. Swae Lee was weak and lacking of power as usual but his voice was alright, except for the chorus. He did his best for the chorus. Slim Jimmy thankfully didn't screech at all, he had a decent amount of power and his flow is actually quite decent (uhh...), Swae Lee's flow is usually better than Slim Jimmy but their flow can be meh and can be horrendous at the same time, Rae still sounds like 10 year olds who break into stripclubs tho...2/5

Safe Sex Pay Checks: The other best song (tied with No Type). Swae Lee has a weak flow, Slim Jimmy sounds good here, the boys use autotune this time, the beat is bouncy...if it wasn't for Swae Lee's weak flow, this song would be better than No Type, the flow of Slim Jimmy is thankfully alright. 2/5

BEST SONGS: No Type, Safe Sex Pay Checks
WORST SONG: My X, YNO, Throw Sum Mo

CONCLUSION: give this a 0/10 which makes this the worst album of all time (tied with Fortune). But, just be happy I didn't have a sip of dem bleach. This is AlphaQ leaving the building and avoiding bleach.

EDIT: Eh, it's still a bad album but it's far from the worst. Wow, I was hella harsh on this album. Still a 0/10


In my honest opinion
Best Songs: Safe Sex Pay Checks, Come Get Her
Worst Songs: My X

not the worst album ever, and barely bottm 20 for 2015. Still pretty bad. - ProPanda

Eh, I detest Come Get Her, SSPC is alright, No Type is a bit better. Starboy, Fortune, BBTM and SremmLife 2 are next. - AlphaQ

Come Get Her is mediocre. There were a lot of bad tracks here. - ProPanda

SremmLife 2 was better though... - AlphaQ