Best Songs from Raiders of the Lost Ark

The Top Ten Best Songs from Raiders of the Lost Ark

1 Desert Chase
2 Washington Ending/Raiders March
3 The Map Room: Dawn

Very beautiful piece of music! The first time I listened to this it gave me the chills!

4 In The Jungle
5 Marion's Theme/The Crate
6 The Miracle Of The Ark
7 The Idol Temple
8 The Basket Game
9 The Medallion
10 Flight from Peru

The Contenders

11 The Well of the Souls
12 The Fist Fight/The Flying Wing
13 Escape from the Temple
14 Reunion in the Tent/Searching for the Well
15 Washington Men/Indy's Home
16 A Thought for Marion/to Nepal
17 Flight to Cairo
18 Bad Dates
19 Indy Follows the Ark
20 The German Sub
21 Indy Rides the Statue
22 Ride to the Nazi Hideout
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