Top 10 Songs on Rainbow's Bent Out of Shape

This is the 7th album by the legendary rock and metal band Rainbow, released in 1983.
The album has rock and metal songs, including 2 instrumentals.
I think there are no bad songs on this album. Collector's Guide to Heavy Metal rated it 9/10. AllMusic - 2.5/5.

Ritchie Blackmore - guitar
Roger Glover - bass, percussion, producer
Joe Lynn Turner - vocals
David Rosenthal - keyboard
Chuck Burgi - drums

The Top Ten

1 Can't Let You Go

An exemplary rock song, 5/5 from me. Well written and well performed. Great vocals, especially the high notes to the chorus. - Metal_Treasure

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2 Fire Dance

It's a power metal song. - Metal_Treasure

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3 Anybody There

It's a great instrumental. In 1984 it was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance.
Ritchie Blackmore's soul and guitar speak in this instrumental. His emotions always come through in his playing but this one is really something special. - Metal_Treasure

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4 Stranded

A great hard rock song with metal elements. Very strong chorus and some pleasantly abrasive heavy riffs. 5/5 for me. - Metal_Treasure

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5 Make Your Move

I love the speed, intensity and energy of this song. - Metal_Treasure

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6 Snowman

Another magical instrumental. I put it at #7 only because it's an instrumental piece. A must listen. - Metal_Treasure

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7 Desperate Heart UListen to Sample
8 Drinking with the Devil UListen to Sample
9 Street of Dreams

Not a bad song but it's my least favorite from this album. However, this is the song that became the most popular tune from the album - for 2 reasons, I guess:
1) this is the softest song on the album (mainstream rock style)
2) controversy - the music video was banned by MTV for its supposedly controversial hypnotic clip. - Metal_Treasure

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10 Fool for the Night UListen to Sample
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1. Make Your Move
2. Can't Let You Go
3. Fire Dance
1. Can't Let You Go
2. Fire Dance
3. Anybody There
1. Can't Let You Go
2. Stranded
3. Fire Dance


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