Best Songs On Rammstein's Mutter

The Top Ten

1 Mutter

My opinion, this is the best song

Why this one first?

2 Ich Will

Excellent song

3 Nebel
4 Mein Herz brennt
5 Feuer Frei

On my top 5

6 Sonne

This one is the 2d most popular of all Rammstein? Just 6 on this list?!?

Used to like Feuer Frei more but now I like sonne more.

And Mutter and Ich Will are both better than this by actual melody and composition. - PrinceZarbon

The song that got me into Rammstein after I saw the music video on the T.V.. I still get chills when I play the song. A close second for me is Mutter and third Zwitter - Danielsun182

Mutter and Ich Will are the best tracks from this album by actual melodic composition and riffs. - PrinceZarbon

7 Links 2-3-4

Extremely clever. The ignorance coming from the media was not shut up by this song, it in fact had many point their fingers making more outrageous claims. If you read into the lyrics, the irony is astounding.

8 Adios
9 Spieluhr
10 Zwitter

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11 Rein raus
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