Best Songs On Rammstein's Reise, Reise

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1 Amerika

I vote for this because I hate america

2 Amour

Amazing emotionally gripping piece with memorable guitar work and enthralling musical climax.

3 Mein Teil

Best Rammstein song ever! The story behind it is the most disturbing thing I have ever read and the music video is one of the best videos ever - Danielsun182

But the actual music is not as good. Maybe the story and lyrics are good or even the music video may be amazing but the song melody is weak compared to others on the album. - PrinceZarbon

4 Stein Um Stein

The amazing climax that incorporates the riff later used in "Rosenrot" is spectacular! It just builds to that point and explodes in massive Rammstein style, making the guitar screech and the crescendo is stupendous at this instrumental verse!

5 Keine Lust

Their best head angling song

Head banging I meant sorry

6 Reise, Reise
7 Ohne Dich
8 Moskau
9 Morgenstern
10 Los

The Contenders

11 Dalai Lama
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