Best Songs On Rammstein's Sehnsucht

The Top Ten

1 Bück dich

The most pulse-pounding and synchronized track with a definitive and constant rhythm; the track flows the best and is comparable to a climax-packed boss fight in a video game. Definitely my favorite of all Rammstein tracks due to the congruent beat and awesome tune.

Aside from being one of Rammstein's heaviest songs, it has a powerful climax and is a winner from start to finish! The crescendo and the silent yet disturbing tone of the vocal climax are amazing and the sustained military dominance of the guitar is a melodic yet fierce tune unlike any other concocted by this machine of a band!

2 Küss mich
3 Du hast
4 Sehnsucht
5 Engel

The riff is so sexy - wolphert

6 Tier

Better than Du Hast

7 Eifersucht
8 Bestrafe mich

Best song ever!

9 Spiel mit mir
10 Klavier

The Contenders

11 Alter Mann
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