Best songs on the Rayman M/Arena Soundtrack

My personally favorite game that reminded me of Smash Bros and Mario Party. Here is a list of music that might be your favorite. If you want to make your opinion on which soundtrack you like, let me know in the comments below
The Top Ten
1 Rise and Shrine (aka Rise and Shine - Beginner League

This is the soundtrack that is mostly recognized by many video game fans, the music is beautiful and amazing that is fills you up with joy. I recommend you guys to listen to this music when you are outside in the sun - AdventuresTeam

2 Spellbound Forest - Expert League

Another soundtrack that is similar to Rise and Shrine, we have a soundtrack that is enchanting, this music fells like you are in an enchanting forest filled with magic in the air and surrounded by beautiful fairies. I recommend you listen to this music when you are walking at the forest in the afternoon or evening - AdventuresTeam

3 M/Arena - The Factory - All Character Theme Songs

Rayman, Razorbeard, Globox, Henchman 800, Teensies, Henchman 1000, Tily, Razorwife, and Dark Globox had all some amazing soundtrack. Mostly Rayman, Henchman, Tily, and Teensies. Recommend you guys listen to all of them and see what you think is better - AdventuresTeam

4 Zenith Harbor - Expert League

A remix of Rise and Shrine. (Only available in Popolopoi) - AdventuresTeam

5 Haunted Yard - Advance League

Creepy, is the word to describe this stage.
Phase 1-You in a haunted place
Phase 2-Get out of there
Phase 3- 30 seconds Hurry up and get out of there - AdventuresTeam

6 Ly's Palace - Expert League

This soundtrack is peaceful, it has no creepy music in it, it's just eternal peace. Play this music while asleep or in your own sanctuary - AdventuresTeam

7 - Timber Wood

A interesting tune that the instruments play just like the stage. Listen to this music while it's snowing or while in the forest - AdventuresTeam

8 Forgotten Dungeon - Extreme League

A remix of the Rayman M/Arena Menu theme. It feels like you forgotten something in your past and you are having a hard time remembering. Play this music when you are feeling down - AdventuresTeam

9 Shadow Plain - Beginner League

The original theme before Haunted Yard. This music feels like you are alone in the dark at midnight. Play this music when you are outside at midnight - AdventuresTeam

10 Sunset Coast - Beginner League

This music feels like you are at the beach in Miami. Play this theme when you are swimming at the pool or swimming on the beach in the sunset - AdventuresTeam

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