Top Ten Songs from Redcross/Redd Kross

Redd Kross (formerly Red Cross) is a punk/alternative band from Southern California. The only two constant members are brothers Jeff and Steve McDonald. Original guitarist Greg Hetson went to the Circle Jerks and later Bad Religion. Ron Reyes of Black Flag was also in the band as a drummer. The band has been active since 1980. I started the list with songs from their first EP (Red Cross,1980) and LP (Born Innocent,1982) being they are my favorite two. .

The Top Ten

1 Cover Band
2 White Trash
3 Tantum O'Tots and the Fried Vegetables
4 Burn-Out
5 Standing in Front of Poseur
6 Clorox Girls
7 S&M Party
8 I Hate My School
9 Annette's Got The Hits
10 Kill Someone You Hate
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