Top Ten Songs that Reference a Cartoon Character


The Top Ten

1 Moral Majority - Dead Kennedys

The songs intro is a mock church sermon and ends with M-I-C-K-E-Y - M-O-U-S-E. - THC13

2 Mickey Mouse is Dead - Subhumans

"Look at what you've done to Mickey Mouse! " - THC13

3 Gigantor - The Dickies

Japanese anime character. - THC13

4 Be Bop a Lula - Gene Vincent

Referring to the cartoon comic strip Little Lulu. - THC13

5 Shining Silver Light - The Weirdos

"I said A Yabba Dabba Do! "
For those that don't's a Fred Flintstone reference. - THC13

6 We Care a Lot - Faith No More

"We care a lot!
About the Garbage Pail Kids they never lie.
We care a lot!
About Transformers cause there's more than meets the eye." - THC13

I forgot that reference was in there! - Gg2000

7 White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane

I think that Grace Slick was referring to the original Lewis Carroll novel when she made that reference. - Gg2000

That's alright, man, it's all good. I also make mistakes when doing my research once in a while, so I know exactly how you feel. - Gg2000

8 Snoopy vs. the Red Baron - The Royal Guardsmen
9 Bowling with Bedrock Barney - The Dickies

Referring to Barney Rubble from the Flintstones. - THC13

10 Spider-Man - The Ramones

A punk cover of the opening theme song for the Spider Man cartoon. - THC13

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