Best Songs from Regional at Best by Twenty One Pilots

Ranked top ten songs from twenty one pilots' second album, "Regional at Best".

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1 Kitchen Sink

How was this not #1? Someone who hasn't heard this doesn't deserve to vote on this list.

May be a bit overrated, but it is the best on this album. Maybe the best by this band.

Yes this song is overrated, but oh my goodness it so deserves it. Literal chills every time I listen to it - Carlss

This song has a really special place in my heart. To me this song is about overcoming your problems and crushing your demons. Around 1:37 in the song when he starts singing the lyrics “go away” and “leave me alone” you can feel like he’s starting to battle his demons, but around 4:03 it feels like he has overcome his demons with the happier music and the strong vocals. So for me this song really gives hope and and it’s really powerful for me, because I feel like this song from start to finish is like a journey of conquering. Even though this song is a bit emotional or intense at parts, I am often left with a feeling of peace once the song is finished. - JoshHarmer25

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2 Slowtown

I love this song so much, but it's really underrated. (Not as good as Kitchen Sink though, I'm sorry)

In my top five favorite twenty one pilots songs.

It's a great song which can really express how many people feel

Regional at Best Songs ranked:
(Just the ones that aren’t on Vessel)

1 - Kitchen Sink
2 - Slowtown
3 - Forest
4 - Glowing Eyes
5 - Lovely
6 - Ruby
7 - Anathema
8 - Clear
9 - Be Concerned
10 - Two - JoshHarmer25

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3 Forest

Forest has dark/deep meanings with an amazing rhythm and lyrics that always seem to make me cry. Beautifully written and its one of my favorite with lovely, glowing eyes, and clear on this album

In love with this song

Makes me cry

Love love love love love this song

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4 Anathema

Most underrated song by far, I mean the last part alone deserves a medal...

5 Ruby

I love Ruby, Slowtown, and Car Radio. Those are songs I listen to on repeat. Don't get me wrong, I'm obsessed with every single song; for example, Be Concerned, Legend, House of Gold, Implicit Demand for Proof - the list goes on. I just think that Regional at Best is under-appreciated, and it's my favorite album

This should be at least #5

Gives me chills

sooo good

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6 Glowing Eyes

It's a beautiful song. My favorite on the album probably.

Wayy underrated

In my opinion, best tøp song in general.

7 Holding On To You
8 Lovely

This song is the most depressing thing in the whole album. It's great whether it's vessel or regional at best, this song is great

WHAT IS THIS DOING SO FAR DOWN HERE It's A LOVELY SONG (no pun intended, its just the only fitting word) and I don't know what it is about this song but itll forever be a favourite of mine. Although it was never clarified who this was written about (regardless its beautiful) and the 2013 japanese remastered version is a little less pretty on the instrumentation side, the RAB version is gorgeous.

"Won't you stay alive? Ill take you on a ride...i will make you believe you are lovely,"

9 Guns for Hands
10 Ode To Sleep

Heard it live and never stopped listening

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11 Clear

They should play it live...

Should be higher


Oof this song is so underrated

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12 Car Radio


Looking at a lot of this list (Guns For Hands, Holding Onto You, Ode To Sleep, Car Radio, Trees, etc.) makes me realize that I've listened to a lot more twenty-øne piløts than I thought. - WonkeyDude98

13 Be Concerned

Hot diddly darn this song is a work of art I wish I could have sex with it

Whoa damn this song is underrated. Its just about struggling with your beliefs, and its (i believe) twenty one pilots' only song with a feature in it. Still one of my favourites.

Why is this so far down?!

14 House of Gold


15 Trees

Deserves to be higher!

#15? Dude how the hell is this not higher what THIS IS ONE OF THE SONGS I LIVE FOR

Good song! this should be #1


16 Two
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1. Kitchen Sink
2. Slowtown
3. Ruby
1. Anathema
2. Slowtown
3. Ruby
1. Guns for Hands
2. Holding On To You
3. Ode To Sleep

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