Best Songs from Regional at Best by Twenty One Pilots

Ranked top ten songs from twenty one pilots' second album, "Regional at Best".

The Top Ten

1 Kitchen Sink

How was this not #1? Someone who hasn't heard this doesn't deserve to vote on this list.

Loved every song! But to be honest I think Kitchen sink deserves number 1

Expected this to be #1


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2 Guns for Hands
3 Forest V 1 Comment
4 Holding On To You
5 Slowtown

In my top five favorite twenty one pilots songs.

So much meaning

One of their best and most underrated songs I wish they would release RAB on iTunes and Spotify


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6 Ode To Sleep

Heard it live and never stopped listening

7 Car Radio


Looking at a lot of this list (Guns For Hands, Holding Onto You, Ode To Sleep, Car Radio, Trees, etc.) makes me realize that I've listened to a lot more twenty-øne piløts than I thought. - WonkeyDude98

8 Glowing Eyes

It's a beautiful song. My favorite on the album probably.

9 Anathema
10 Lovely

This song is the most depressing thing in the whole album. It's great whether it's vessel or regional at best, this song is great

WHAT IS THIS DOING SO FAR DOWN HERE It's A LOVELY SONG (no pun intended, its just the only fitting word) and I don't know what it is about this song but itll forever be a favourite of mine. Although it was never clarified who this was written about (regardless its beautiful) and the 2013 japanese remastered version is a little less pretty on the instrumentation side, the RAB version is gorgeous.

"Won't you stay alive? Ill take you on a ride...i will make you believe you are lovely,"

The Contenders

11 Ruby

Gives me chills

This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard on one of the best albums I've ever heard (only self-titled is better) by the best band I've ever heard. After all, nobody tops TØP.

sooo good

12 Be Concerned

Hot diddly darn this song is a work of art I wish I could have sex with it

Whoa damn this song is underrated. Its just about struggling with your beliefs, and its (i believe) twenty one pilots' only song with a feature in it. Still one of my favourites.

Why is this so far down?!

13 Clear V 1 Comment
14 House of Gold V 1 Comment
15 Trees
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