Top Ten Songs that Replace the Word "Love" with "Bacon"


The Top Ten

1 You Give Bacon a Bad Name (Bon Jovi)
2 Bacon Stinks (J. Geils Band)
3 Feel Like Makin' Bacon (Bad Company)

When the frontman of this band's wife says to him "What do you want for breakfast darling? " He replies with, "Feel like bacon, love." - Britgirl

That's true.

4 Share Your Bacon With Me (Aretha Franklin )
5 Crazy Bacon (Allman Brothers)
6 Not Enough Bacon in the World (Cher)
7 Bacon in an Elevator (Aerosmith)
8 What's Bacon Got To Do With It? (Tina Turner)

My thoughts right now.LOL

I don't know. - Userguy44

9 Hurry Make Bacon (Alannah Myles)
10 When Your Bacon Has Gone (Billie Holiday)

The Newcomers

? Why Can't This Be Bacon (Van Halen)
? Tainted Bacon (Soft Cell)

The Contenders

11 The Best of My Bacon (Eagles)

"Oh, sweet darling, you get the best of my bacon".
"That's all I'll ever need." - Gg2000

12 Bacon Gun (Kiss)

If only a bacon gun was an actual thing... - Absolite

13 I Would Do Anything for Bacon (Meat Loaf)


But I wouldn’t eat it. - Userguy44

14 Ain't No Bacon in the Heart of the City (Bobby Bland)

Or the muslim, according to my social studies teacher - EliHbk

15 This Bacon (Pantera)
16 Bacon is Not Enough (Nine Inch Nails)
17 Bacon? (Strapping Young Lad)
18 You Need Bacon (Muddy Waters)
19 Ain't Gone 'N' Give Up on Bacon (Stevie Ray Vaughan)
20 Bad Bacon (Eric Clapton)
21 Bold as Bacon (Jimi Hendrix)
22 Tunnel of Bacon (Bruce Springsteen)
23 Only Bacon Can Break Your Heart (Neil Young)
24 All of Your Bacon (Rolling Stones)
25 Bacon on the Air (David Gilmour)
26 Ain't Talkin' Bout Bacon (Van Halen)
27 Come and Get Your Bacon (Redbone)
28 I Want to Know What Bacon is (Foreigner)
29 Endless Bacon (Diana Ross and Lionel Richie)
30 How Deep is Your Bacon? (Bee Gees)
31 When Bacon and Hate Collide (Def Leppard)
32 All Out of Bacon (Air Supply)
33 Need Your Bacon So Bad (Little Willie John)
34 This Bacon, This Hate (Hollywood Undead)
35 Is This Bacon (Bob Marley)
36 Bacon Shack (B - 52)
37 What is Bacon? (Haddaway)

Baby don't eat me no more! - EliHbk

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