Top 10 Songs Replacing the Word 'Girl' With 'Bieber'


The Top Ten

1 Bieber, You'll Be a Woman Soon (Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon)

Still a girl, not yet a woman... - Britgirl

That was hilarious! I love this list!

This list is so funny! - Tia-Harribel

2 Tell That Bieber to Shut Up (Tell That Girl to Shut Up)

Okay. Beiber, shut up. - TwilightKitsune

I have! D'ya think she listened?! - Britgirl

3 What's Inside a Bieber (What's Inside a Girl)

Hopefully a loving heart. - Britgirl

4 Another Bieber Another Planet (Another Girl Another Planet)

Haha how very fitting! - Britgirl

5 Who's That Bieber? (Who's That Girl?)
6 Fat Bottom Biebers (Fat Bottom Girls)

Nope, don't want to think about that... - kaitlynrad11

7 Factory Bieber (Factory Girl)
8 Brown Bieber In the Ring (Brown Girl In the Ring)
9 Not Like the Other Biebers (Not Like the Other Girls)
10 Pretty Biebers (Pretty Girls)

The Contenders

11 I Kissed a Bieber (I Kissed a Girl)
12 Some Bieber (Some Girls)
13 Young Bieber (Young Girl)
14 Last of the American Biebers (Last of the American Girls)
15 Biebers (Girls)

It's a song by marina and the diamonds. - SamuiNeko

16 Popular Bieber (Popular Girl)

This song was made by Survivor!

17 It Bieber (It Girl)
18 Where Them Biebers at (Where Them Girls At)
19 Me and My Biebers (Me and My Girls)
20 Stupid Biebers (Stupid Girls)
21 One Less Lonely Bieber (One Less Lonely Girl)
22 This Bieber (This Girl)
23 Only Bieber (Only Girl)
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