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1 Stranger In This Town - Richie Sambora Stranger In This Town - Richie Sambora

Brilliant Blues Rock Song. Good To Just Sit Down At Night And Listen To. - DaringXx

2 Father Time - Richie Sambora Father Time - Richie Sambora

An Amazing Song About How Much A Father Means To His Son. Super Good Vocals On Here Too. - DaringXx

3 One Light Burning - Richie Sambora One Light Burning - Richie Sambora

My Personal Favourite, Beautiful Intro And A Soothing Melody. A Lovely Voice Too, Going From A Quiet Murmuring To A Wonderous Chorus Sound. - DaringXx

4 Rosie - Richie Sambora

A Very Strong Song. Great Vocals Too. Brilliant Guitar Outro. - DaringXx

5 The Answer - Richie Sambora

A More Emotional Sambora Song. Gets You Through Some Hard Times, Beautiful And Soothing. - DaringXx

6 River of Love - Richie Sambora

Strong And Catchy With Amazing Lyrics. A Wonderous Song About Love And Being A True Rebel. - DaringXx

7 Mr. Bluesman - Richie Sambora

With Eric Clapton. An Amazing Voice On This, Too. Meaningful Lyrics Also. - DaringXx

8 Ballad of Youth - Richie Sambora

A Beautiful Guitar Intro And A Soothing Voice Both Strong And Weak At Points, Amazing Meaningful Lyrics. - DaringXx

9 Church of Desire - Richie Sambora

A Wonderous Song Again About A Strong Relationship. Really Strong And Special Although Underrated In Ways. - DaringXx

10 Rest In Peace - Richie Sambora

A Meaningful, Soft Song. But Very Underrated. Beautiful Guitar Work On This. - DaringXx

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1. Stranger In This Town - Richie Sambora
2. Father Time - Richie Sambora
3. One Light Burning - Richie Sambora


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