Best Songs On Rihanna's Anti

The Top Ten

1 Love On the Brain

Truly a masterpiece

This Is Easily A Masterpiece Song, I May Hate The Album But This Is Great No Denying, 5/5 - VideoGamefan5

2 Kiss It Better

Love the groove to this song!

Best song ever

Good But, Not The best - Rihanna_R

3 Desperado

This List Is Messed Up. - Rihanna_R

Great song by Rih one of her best by farrr

4 Needed Me

Here's da real list
5. Kiss It Better
4. Love On The Brain
3. Sex With Me
2. Needed Me
1. Wwork

5 Consideration
6 Work
7 Same Ol' Mistakes
8 Close to You
9 Higher
10 Never Ending

Gorgeous song! The lyrics, the guitar, all so simple yet so powerful...

Love it, Soap Guitar. - Rihanna_R

The Contenders

11 Sex with Me
12 Yeah, I Said It

Love this song wished it was longer. Really sexy

13 Woo

I love this song - Sjinkiie

14 Goodnight Gotham
15 James Joint
16 Pose
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