Best Songs On Rihanna's Anti

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1 Love On the Brain

This Is Easily A Masterpiece Song, I May Hate The Album But This Is Great No Denying, 5/5 - VideoGamefan5

Truly a masterpiece

2 Kiss It Better

Love the groove to this song!

Best song ever

Good But, Not The best - Rihanna_R

3 Desperado

Great song by Rih one of her best by farrr

This List Is Messed Up. - Rihanna_R

4 Needed Me

Here's da real list
5. Kiss It Better
4. Love On The Brain
3. Sex With Me
2. Needed Me
1. Wwork

5 Consideration
6 Work
7 Same Ol' Mistakes
8 Close to You
9 Never Ending

Gorgeous song! The lyrics, the guitar, all so simple yet so powerful...

Love it, Soap Guitar. - Rihanna_R

10 Higher

The Contenders

11 Sex with Me
12 Yeah, I Said It

Love this song wished it was longer. Really sexy

13 Woo

I love this song - Sjinkiie

14 Goodnight Gotham
15 James Joint
16 Pose
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1. Kiss It Better
2. Love On the Brain
3. Same Ol' Mistakes
1. Needed Me
2. Kiss It Better
3. Work
1. Love On the Brain
2. Sex with Me
3. Higher

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