Top Ten Songs from Rise Against's Albums The Sufferer & the Witness, Appeal to Reason, and Endgame

I did a list for the first three albums of Rise Against. Now let's do the next 3. The Sufferer & the Witness, Appeal To Reason and Endgame.

The Top Ten

1 Prayer Of The Refugee
2 Survive

Most relatable song ever!

3 Re-Education (Through Labor)
4 Help Is On The Way
5 Savior
6 Injection
7 Make It Stop (September's Children)
8 Ready To Fall
9 Architects Architects is a British Metalcore band formed in 2004 in Brighton, East Sussex. Consisting of five band members, Architects' discography consists of seven studio albums and one split EP.
10 Audience Of One

The Contenders

11 Roadside
12 Hero of War
13 Lanterns
14 Satellite
15 Drones
16 The Good Left Undone
17 Behind Closed Doors
18 Broken Mirrors
19 Hairline Fracture
20 Kotov Syndrome
21 Endgame
22 The Approaching Curve
23 Survivor Guilt
24 From Heads Unworthy
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