Best Songs from Rise Against's Appeal to Reason

The Top Ten

1 Savior

Beautiful song. I can interpret into numerous different meanings. Ones on personal, political and scoial meanings. - RiseAgainstSOT

2 Audience of One

This song rocks and I wonder why isn't it at the list of top 10.

3 Re-Education (Through Labor)

To me it shows the voice of the rebels!
It says I wnt crawl on my knees for u! We
Are the rebels and wnt crawl for those apemen
Who has the power to control us, but they can't overcome us

4 Collapse (Post-America)

"Neutrality means that you don't really care,
Cause the struggle goes on even when you're not there
Blind and unaware"
Instant eargasm
Chamber the cartridge is good, but Collapse is RA best intro in my opinion.
Google it live from Amsterdam, best live performance video I have ever seen

5 Entertainment
6 Hero of War
7 From Heads Unworthy
8 Kotov Syndrome
9 Hairline Fracture
10 Whereabouts Unknown

This album is the best album I've heard and this is the best song from this album by a longshot why it's 12th I do not know

The Contenders

11 The Strength to Go On
12 Long Forgotten Sons
13 The Dirt Whispered
14 Elective Amnesia
15 Sight Unseen
16 Historia Calamitatum
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