Best Songs from Rise Against's The Black Market


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1 I Don't Want to Be Here Anymore

Awesome riffs! Nice punchy chorus!

2 The Eco-Terrorist In Me

Great song for the old fans! Lyrics lacking slightly but a great melody and punch to the song!

3 Tragedy + Time

Great riff, excellent lyrics, amazing melody! Absolutely deserves number 1 spot!

The elements Rise Against is known for are all mixed in a unique way which procreates this song. The melody blows your mind, riffs take your breathe away, perfect beats and especially lyrics... Lyrics has always been the greatest motivator for me to listen to them, and this time looks like they've outdone themselves again. Time+Tragedy reminds me of songs like Savior, Satellite, Blood to Bleed and This is letting go. Huge thumbs up from me, guys!

It also bothers me to see the title song in the end of the list, did you even listen to it before putting it to the last position?

4 A Beautiful Indifference

Best song off this album for sure, the chorus is awesome and the last minute or so is awesome, great song all around

Not as good as the top few, but still packs a punch with melody and riffs

If I had to listen to 5seconds in a loop for the rest of life, I would choose "wheter this world burns is none of your concern". It shows a side of Tim's voice you never hear, but it's pure epicness

5 People Live Here

Should be higher: This song is far more meaningful than most of the songs on this album.

Beautiful lyrics and exceptional melody! Raw emotion and talent on Tim's behalf!

6 Zero Visibility

This song is so bloody good! It's not a single yet but I can assure you that it is one of rise against's best songs! Probably number 12 or so if I subtract bias from me! We'll worth a full listen!

An amazing piece from the whole band! The riffs, the beat! Excellent piece of musicianship from the whole band!

This song has a classic punk effect in the verses and has a chorus to sing along to like it used to be. - Seventies-Music-Fan

Just amazing! Suited for any fan!

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7 The Great Die-Off

Powerful song that would get the crowds chanting!

8 The Black Market

Nice verse! Excellent chorus and guitar riffs

This and the Great Die Off are my favorites.

9 Bridges
10 Awake Too Long

Slightly repetitive and boring chorus but none the less a powerful and well constructed song

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11 Methadone

Plain and simple rise against melody!

12 Escape Artists
13 Sudden Life
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