Top Ten Songs on Robyn's Robyn

On this album, Robyn finally began to (literally) own her sound. This was her first release on her own label. The 2007 reissue is the version being ranked here.

The Top Ten

1 With Every Heartbeat With Every Heartbeat Cover Art
2 Be Mine! Be Mine! Cover Art
3 Handle Me Handle Me Cover Art
4 Dream On Dream On Cover Art
5 Cobrastyle Cobrastyle Cover Art
6 Crash and Burn Girl Crash and Burn Girl Cover Art
7 Bum Like You Bum Like You Cover Art
8 Konichiwa Bitches Konichiwa Bitches Cover Art
9 Who's that Girl? Who's that Girl? Cover Art
10 Should Have Known Should Have Known Cover Art

The Contenders

11 Robotboy Robotboy Cover Art
12 Any Time You Like Any Time You Like Cover Art
13 Eclipse Eclipse Cover Art
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