Top Songs from Rush's Grace Under Pressure Album

Top songs of Rush's album Grace Under Pressure. The album was their 10th, released in 1984 after Signals. The album came in the midst of their synthesiser period (the 1980s), and contains several of their best known songs, Distant Early Warning and Red Sector A.

The Top Ten

1 Distant Early Warning

1. Distant Early Warning
2. Red Sector A
3. The Body Electric
4. The Enemy Within
5. Afterimage
6. Kid Gloves
7. Between the Wheels
8. Red Lenses

2 Red Sector A
3 The Enemy Within
4 Afterimage

The most under-rated song Rush ever did - along with Here Again.

5 Between the Wheels
6 The Body Electric
7 Kid Gloves
8 Red Lenses
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