Best Songs from Rush's Hold Your Fire

Top songs from Rush's album Hold Your Fire. The album was their 12th, released in 1987, after Power Windows. The album was essentially their last showing a heavy use of synthesisers. The most well-known songs from the album are Force Ten and Time Stand Still.

The Top Ten

1 Time Stand Still Time Stand Still Cover Art
2 Force Ten Force Ten Cover Art
3 Mission Mission Cover Art
4 Turn the Page Turn the Page Cover Art
5 Prime Mover Prime Mover Cover Art
6 Lock and Key Lock and Key Cover Art

smoking Alex solo and cool synth lines - DKartWoomy

7 Open Secrets Open Secrets Cover Art

Kinda underrated - nJur

8 High Water High Water Cover Art
9 Second Nature Second Nature Cover Art
10 Tai Shan Tai Shan Cover Art
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