Top Songs Off of Rush's Moving Pictures Album

The top 10 songs that came off of Rush's most successful album, Moving Pictures.

The Top Ten


YYZ is a true masterpiece. I agree perfectly with the other person who posted their list. YYZ, Limelight, Tom Sawyer, Witch Hunt, Camera Eye, Red Barchetta, then Vital Signs is my order.

One Of The Best, If Not THE Best Instrumental Ever.

My list:
2 Limelight
3 Tom Sawyer
4 Witch Hunt
5 Camera Eye
6 Red Barchetta
7 Vital Signs

2 Limelight

the song really ties with tom sawyer. I love all these songs

Great Song, One Of The Best Alex Lifeson Guitar Solos In A Song.

the solo is amazing alone with the whole song
go alex

First song that comes to mind when I think of Rush - Knucklewood

3 Tom Sawyer

Wow this list is ridiculous. Red Barchetta is at 1, while tom sawyer is at 4. - SammySpore

What the hell? This should be number one?!?!

One Of The Greatest Hard Rock Songs Ever!

Today's Tom SOYAH

4 Red Barchetta

Such a beautiful song, it blows me away. There are as many great riffs in this song as a band normally gets in their whole career! The lyrics are simply marvellous, the guitar work from Alex is amazing, the solo, and the chords work so well. The drums, well the drum part was written by Neil Peart, enough said, its automatically outstanding. As for Geddy, amazing bass playing as usual, especially at the end, and another strong vocal performance! Rush's fourth best song in my opinion (behind xanadu, nat. Sci. And la villa)

Amazing Song, Great Intro, Awesome Guitar Riffs, And 6 Minutes Long!

5 The Camera Eye

This is, without a doubt, the best song in the best song in the entire album. It's one of the most creative and energetic songs I've ever listened to. It is a 11 minute fast-pace masterpiece of a song. Red Barchetta comes very close though, but no song in this album reaches this level of amazing. The only reason why I think this song isn't Number 1 is because people never listen to their unknown gems like Jacob's Ladder, La Villa Strangiato, Xanadu, Different Strings, Tears, Natural Science, etc. This song has literally everything I want in a song. The beautiful melodies, an amazing beginning and end, well-written lyrics, tons of variety, every member of this trio shines in this one song many many times, Niel Peart's fast-paced drums, the amazing synthesizers, Geddy Lee's bass playing is some of the best he has done in a Rush song and his vocals are utilize great, and Alex Lifeson's guitar solo at the end! This is one of my favorite songs ever. It is creative and well-structured, and ...more

Beast of a song. May not be the most popular, but it is certainly the best.

This Is The Best Song Off Of Moving Pictures, And One Of Rush's Best Of All Time.

This is an awesome song.

6 Vital Signs

Really underrated in comparison to the other songs on the album, but the camera has too long an intro and tom sawyer is just too overrated, it's a good song but my least favourite off the album, the bass line is intense in vital signs, the lyrics re great and its just musically sound

This is a great song, one of the best songs of all time from RUSH. The intro is awesome, and, once again, how does Geddy sing and play bass at the same time?

Really Cool Song, Great Chorus.

7 Witch Hunt

It shows how great an album Moving Pictures is if this is rated the worst song. I personally think it's a great track.

Witch hunt is a ausomly haunting progressive masterpiece. This needs to be higher than last place I personally like it better than tom sawyer and limelight in my opinion

Witch Hunt deserves more to be honest - AdamDestructorJr.

Even the name is awesome!

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