Best Songs On Sabaton's the Art of War

The Top Ten

1 Ghost Division

One of the best songs in their discography, not only on this album. I expected to see this at #1 (but I don't mind the songs that are higher) - Metal_Treasure

2 The Art of War
3 Cliffs of Gallipoli
4 Unbreakable
5 The Price of a Mile
6 Firestorm
7 Panzerkampf
8 Swedish Pagans
9 Talvisota
10 Union (Slopes of St. Benedict)

The Contenders

11 40:1

There is no way sun tzu says should be higer than this! It isn't even a real song!

12 Sun Tzu Says
13 A Secret
14 Glorious Land
15 The Nature of Warfare
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