Top Ten Songs from The Saints

The Saints (1974 - present) are a punk rock/rock band from Brisbane, Queensland Australia. They are now considered a rock band but their early stuff was punk rock. In fact, their first single released, "(I'm) Stranded" was the first punk record released outside the U.S. in 1976. I started this list with their early punk stuff but feel free to add any songs from any era by The Saints.

The Top Ten

1 (I'm) Stranded
2 L-I-E-S

Awesome B-Side to the "This Perfect Day" single from 1977. - THC13

3 Erotic Neurotic
4 (I'm) Misunderstood
5 This Perfect Day
6 One Way Street
7 Wild About You
8 No Time
9 Demolition Girl
10 Lipstick on Your Collar
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