Top 10 Songs on Savatage's Dead Winter Dead

Dead Winter Dead is the 9th studio album by Savatage, released in 1995. It is a progressive, concept album, based on Bosnian War, ongoing at the time. The album tells a story about a Serb boy and a Muslim girl who fall in love.

One song from this album became a radio hit - "Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)". It was later re-released by Trans-Siberian Orchestra and became even more popular. Trans-Siberian Orchestra started as a side project of Savatage members.

Savatage are an American metal band founded in 1979 by brothers Jon and Criss Oliva.
Subgenres - heavy metal, prog metal (late), speed metal (early), power metal.
Savatage is one of the most underrated metal bands ever.

Jon Oliva has a 4 octave vocals range and besides, he can play all typical metal instruments, and piano.
Criss died at 30 in 1993 in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. R.I.P. Criss.

Zachary 'Zack' Stevens – lead vocals
Jon Oliva – keyboards, lead vocals on "I Am" and "Doesn't Matter Anyway", backing vocals on "Starlight"
Chris Caffery – guitars, backing vocals
Al Pitrelli – guitars, backing vocals
Johnny Lee Middleton – bass guitar, backing vocals
Jeff Plate – drums

The Top Ten

1 Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)

Every time Christmas comes around this song will be played along with many other Trans-Siberian Orchestra songs - christangrant

Surprisingly, this song became a radio hit in 1995 - it was unexpected because the song is a classically-influenced instrumental.
It was later covered by Trans-Siberian Orchestra which made this song even more popular.
By the way, Trans-Siberian Orchestra started in the 90s as a side project of Savatage members. - Metal_Treasure

2 Dead Winter Dead
3 Mozart and Madness

One of my favorite metal instrumentals. - Metal_Treasure

4 I Am

Jon Oliva on lead vox (one of the 2 exceptions on this album). You can hear Jon's signature laughs, screams and overall - theatrical vocals. - Metal_Treasure

5 Doesn't Matter Anyway

A very good anti-war song (Jon Oliva on vox, one of the 2 exceptions) - Metal_Treasure

6 Starlight
7 This Isn't What We Meant
8 Not What You See
9 Sarajevo
10 This is the Time (1990)

The Contenders

11 One Child
12 Overture

A short but impressive instrumental (1:50 - intro song to the album). - Metal_Treasure

13 Memory

A short instrumental (1:19) containing some samples from Beethoven's "Ode to Joy". - Metal_Treasure

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1. Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)
2. Dead Winter Dead
3. I Am
1. Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)
2. Dead Winter Dead
3. Mozart and Madness


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