Top 10 Songs on Savatage's Edge of Thorns

Edge of Thorns is the 7th album by Savatage, released in 1993.
This album was more guitar-driven than its predecessor (Streets: A Rock Opera).
This was good because Edge of Thorns was the last album to feature guitarist Criss Oliva before his tragic death only several months later. Criss died at 30 in 1993 in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. R.I.P. Criss.

It was also their first album to feature Zachary 'Zak' Stevens on lead vocals because the previous lead singer, Jon Oliva, focused on other things.

Savatage are an American metal band founded in 1979 by brothers Jon and Criss Oliva.
Subgenres - heavy metal, progressive metal (late), speed metal (early), power metal.
Savatage is one of the most underrated metal bands ever.

Zachary Stevens – lead vocals
Criss Oliva – guitars
Johnny Lee Middleton – bass guitar
Steve "Doc" Wacholz – drums (electronic drums, studio only)

Additional musicians:
Jon Oliva – Piano, Keyboards (studio only), drums on tracks "He Carves His Stone" and "Degrees Of Sanity"

The Top Ten

1 He Carves His Stone

Savatage are so underrated that this list was instantly underrated on TheTopTens, too - this list didn't even appear on the page of New Lists... - Metal_Treasure

2 Follow Me
3 Damien
4 Degrees of Sanity
5 Conversation Piece
6 Miles Away

Starts slow and gets faster - Metal_Treasure

7 Skraggy's Tomb

A song with interesting and funny intro sounds - Metal_Treasure

8 Edge of Thorns

Not a bad song but sounds a bit poppy/cheesy at times. Power metal band Powerwolf covered it. - Metal_Treasure

9 Lights Out

This song has to be the Savatage version of Rock N Roll. It's very good. - Metal_Treasure

10 All that I Bleed

The Contenders

11 Labyrinths

Short instrumental but I like it (1:29). - Metal_Treasure

12 Sleep
13 Exit Music

Piano instrumental - Metal_Treasure

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