Top 10 Songs on Savatage's Hall of the Mountain King

Savatage are an American metal band founded in 1979 by brothers Jon and Criss Oliva.
Subgenres - heavy metal, prog metal (late), speed metal (early), power metal.
Savatage is one of the most underrated metal bands ever.

Jon Oliva has a real 4 octave vocals range. Besides, he can play all typical metal instruments, and piano.
Criss died at 30 in a car accident in 1993 caused by a drunk driver. R.I.P. Criss.

This album was released in 1987 and was their breakthrough record.

Jon Oliva – "The Grit" (lead vocals, piano)
Criss Oliva – "The Crunch" (guitars)
Johnny Lee Middleton – "The Thunder" (bass guitar, backing vocals)
Steve Wacholz – "The Cannons" (drums, percussion)

(in the liner notes for the album, Savatage gave themselves roles instead of listing their instruments)

The Top Ten

1 Hall of the Mountain King

Killer riff, outstanding vocals, melodic yet kinda creepy song. It's their most popular song from this album for a reason. - Metal_Treasure

2 Legions

Criss Oliva played 4 guitar solos - a main solo (1 min long) and 3 shorter solos in the intro and outro.
Songs with 4 solos were relatively rare circa 1987.
Originally Jon was the guitarist but he quickly realized his younger brother's talent was much bigger than his own and Criss became the guitarist. Jon focused on other things. - Metal_Treasure

3 24 Hrs. Ago

A song with a proggy feel to it and an awesome jam at the end. - Metal_Treasure

4 White Witch

This song reminds me of their early speed metal songs. I love it. - Metal_Treasure

5 The Price You Pay
6 Beyond the Doors of the Dark

I would say this song focuses on vocals and why not - Jon Oliva is amazing. - Metal_Treasure

7 Devastation
8 Strange Wings
9 Last Dawn

A short yet beautiful and soft instrumental (1:07) - Metal_Treasure

10 Prelude to Madness

Instrumental (3:13) inspired by classical composer Edvard Grieg. He's mentioned in the credits -
Writer(s): Edvard Grieg, C. Oliva, O'Neill - Metal_Treasure

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