Best Songs from Savatage's Sirens

Sirens is the debut album by Savatage and was released on April 11th 1983 in the U.S.A and November 1st 1983 in the U.K. The music on this album is much heavier than the albums that would come after this album as those albums would go on to do Savatage's own style of Progressive Metal.
This album was recorded at Morrisound Studios in Tampa, Florida in the United States. According to front man Jon Oliva, Sirens and the long EP "The Dungeons Are Calling" were recorded and mixed all in one day. With most of the songs prepared no more than a week before the recording session, the band could only afford one day in the studio.

Genre: Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, Power Metal

Band Members:

Jon Oliva - Shrieks of Terror (lead vocals)

Criss Oliva - Metalaxe (guitars, backing vocals)

Keith Collins - The Bottom End (bass, backing vocals)

Steve Wacholz - Barbaric Cannons (drums, percussion)


Danny Johnson - Producer

Jim Morris - Engineer

Mike Fuller - Mastering

Terry Oakes - Illustrations

Eddy Schreyer - Re-mastering

The Top Ten

1 Sirens

This is an incredible song - the riff, the vocals, the story. My #1 from this album, too. - Metal_Treasure

2 Scream Murder

Love it. One of the first power-to-speed metal songs. Great riff and solo, and vocals. - Metal_Treasure

3 Out on the Streets
4 Holocaust
5 Living for the Night
6 Twisted Little Sister
7 Rage
8 On the Run
9 I Believe
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