Best Songs from Saxon's Wheels of Steel

This list features all original songs from Saxon's Wheels Of Steel plus one demo. It is a votable list and the list was from the start created with the first song on the album being ranked first and the last song on the album being ranked last.
The Top Ten
1 Motorcycle Man Motorcycle Man Cover Art
2 Wheels of Steel Wheels of Steel Cover Art
3 747 (Strangers in the Night) 747 (Strangers in the Night) Cover Art

One of Saxon's best songs and according to me the best song on this album. - Grouse

4 Freeway Mad Freeway Mad Cover Art
5 Stand Up and Be Counted Stand Up and Be Counted Cover Art
6 Machine Gun Machine Gun Cover Art
7 Street Fighting Gang Street Fighting Gang Cover Art
8 Suzie Hold On Suzie Hold On Cover Art
9 See the Light Shining See the Light Shining Cover Art
10 Suzie Hold On (1980 Demo) Suzie Hold On (1980 Demo) Cover Art
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