Best Songs on Sectioned's Annihilated

Annihilated is the debut album by mathcore band Sectioned. An extremely heavy and hellish record that could both easy make you want to bang your head off and terrify you at the same time.

The Top Ten

1 Portrait Portrait

The second half of the track is straight up nightmare fuel - cjWriter1997

2 Starved Lives Starved Lives

Probably has the sickest breakdown of the record - cjWriter1997

3 Toothgrinder Toothgrinder
4 Release
5 Annihilated
6 Through the Trees
7 Synchronicity
8 Victorious, Neverending
9 Beautiful Struggle
10 Betrayer
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Top Remixes

1. Portrait
2. Starved Lives
3. Toothgrinder


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