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1 Imaginer - Jackie Evancho

Rewritten for Jackie, lyrics send a message to imagine a world of peace and harmony. Give it a listen, Jackie's moving performances will have tears rolling down your cheeks every time.

A truly beautiful song sung by an emerging great voice.

This song sung by this voice gives me hope for the future.

Check out the video from "Dream With Me in Concert" as Jackie performs this song while sharing the stage with another young prodigy, Conrad Tao, on piano. Absolutely astonishing! - BobG

2 Nella Fantasia - Jackie Evancho

A young girl's wish for a better and more beautiful world; what message could possibly be better?

A vision of a brighter future, sung by a bright young star.

A fantastic song by a very talented young lady who is growing up fast.

Jackie's songs have all started out at the bottom of the list and worked their way up over years of voting. Maybe people are tired of the usual (pop) suspects getting all the attention. Maybe a lot of people like Jackie because she is fresh and talented, and her songs convey beautiful messages. Where are all the fans of the other singers? Why aren't they voting? Maybe they just don't think other singers' songs have beautiful messages? - BobG

3 To Believe - Jackie Evancho

A heartfelt wish for a better world, sung by a gifted young singer.

Composed by Jackie's Uncle Matthew Evancho, a beautiful and glowing song of the need "to believe"...

4 I Only Want My Love to Grow in You - The Strawbs
5 Absolute Beginners - David Bowie

Hello Cookie. Lovely list. I think all of David Bowie's songs send a beautiful message but I love your choice in this song. Sweet - Britgirl

This was the first song that came to mind when I clicked on this list, and I'm so glad to see it in the top ten. Simply perfect. - PetSounds

One of the things I like about mr. Bowie is that I do not get most songs with a purpose or message, but due to his genius tracks, his unique voice and amazing texts I actually get the message! Nice one, David Bowie

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6 With Every Light - The Smashing Pumpkins
7 See Who I Am - Within Temptation
8 Rules for Living - Blondie
9 Turn! Turn! Turn - The Byrds

Written by the late Pete Seeger, but brought to life by The Byrds during a different age of the world. Quote: "A time for peace, I swear it's not too late".

10 Owner of a Lonely Heart - Yes

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? You're Not Alone - Saosin
? Secret Weapon - MxPx

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11 In My Life - The Beatles
12 Cease Fire - Christina Aguilera

Actually, this is the only really beautiful song of her last album 'Lotus'. I wish she could sing more songs like. She has a great voice, she shouldn't waste it with garbage.

13 Advice for the Young at Heart - Tears for Fears
14 Peace Train - Cat Stevens

Simply The Best!

15 Don't Be a Jerk (It's Christmas) - SpongeBob SquarePants
16 Unburn All Our Bridges - Josh Turner
17 Leave Out All the Rest - Linkin Park

It's Linkin Park, man! what can I say? #peter_angelov

18 Teddy Bear Hug - Raffi
19 Looking for Angels - Skillet

An extremely beautiful message.

20 I'm Not Supposed to Care - Gordon Lightfoot

I think you have somebody waiting outside in the rain, to take you away… - PetSounds

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