Top Ten Best Songs to Send to Your Enemies

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1 Slit Your Guts - Cryptopsy
2 Slaves Shall Serve - Behemoth
3 Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj

Absolutely nobody is afraid of Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift, or Justin Bieber, but the only person on this list more scary than Nicki Minaj is Clint Eastwood.

Perfect revenge song. - JARHEAD5000

4 Cast Down the Heretic - Nile
5 We are Going to F***ing Kill You - Anaal Nathrakh
6 Hammer Smashed Face - Cannibal Corpse
7 Criminally Insane - Slayer
8 I Hate You - Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes
9 Baby - Justin Bieber

My enemy is very very lame that he'll love this song, lol. - zxm

At least, when your intention is to destroy their ears, or make them drink bleach...IF [enemy's name] is not a belieber... - Livirus

10 F***ed with a Knife - Cannibal Corpse

The Newcomers

? Spit It Out - Slipknot
? (Sic) - Slipknot

The Contenders

11 Work B**ch - Britney Spears

I actually liked it. I liked the song not the video - Carsrule300

12 Kill You - Eminem
13 Bitch I'm Madonna - Madonna
14 Viper Strike - Highly Suspect
15 Kill You - Korn
16 Anaconda - Nicki Minaj
17 For a Few Dollars More - Ennio Morricone

Since this song has actual sounds of gunfire, the truth is you would be arrested for making "terrorist threats" if you sent it to your enemy.

18 Really Don't Care - Demi Lovato
19 Sorry - Justin Bieber
20 You Suffer - Napalm Death
21 What Do You Mean - Justin Bieber
22 Run for Your Life - The Beatles

"I'd rather see you dead", is one of the lovely lines from this little ditty that is chock full of blatant threats.

23 I'm a Hater - Waka Flocka Flame
24 Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
25 Go to Sleep - DMX
26 Hello Kitty - Avril Lavigne
27 Ignorance - Paramore
28 Don't Tell Me - Avril Lavigne
29 Kim - Eminem
30 Master of Puppets - Metallica
31 Disasterpiece - Slipknot
32 F*** Your God - Deicide
33 Ride of the Valkyries - Richard Wagner

Often used in moves to indicate an oncoming, overwhelming force that will leave nothing but smoking ruins in its wake. Many people mistakenly think it is called "Death From Above". Chances are that your enemy will call the police if you send this to them.

34 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Hugo Montenegro
35 Taps - The United States Army Band
36 I Hate You - Slayer
37 You - The Pretty Reckless
38 Sweatshirt - Jacob Sartorius
39 Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus
40 Your Friends are Full of S*** - Leathermouth
41 Jizz in My Pants - The Lonely Island
42 When Will You Die? - They Might Be Giants
43 #selfie - Chainsmokers
44 No - Meghan Trainor
45 Going to Hell - The Pretty Reckless
46 Alphabet Boy - Melanie Martinez
47 Love Bites - Def Leppard
48 Why? - Jeffy
49 I'm Gonna Rape You - GG Allin
50 Backstabber - Ke$ha
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1. Slit Your Guts - Cryptopsy
2. Slaves Shall Serve - Behemoth
3. Cast Down the Heretic - Nile
1. I Hate You - Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes
2. Viper Strike - Highly Suspect
3. Alphabet Boy - Melanie Martinez


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