Best Songs On Sepultura's Arise

The best song on the 1991 thrash classic 'Arise' by Brazilian band Sepultura.

The Top Ten

1 Arise Arise
2 Dead Embryonic Cells Dead Embryonic Cells
3 Desperate Cry Desperate Cry
4 Altered State
5 Meaningless Movements
6 Orgasmatron
7 Subtraction
8 Murder
9 Infected Voice
10 Under Siege (Regnum Irae)

The Contenders

11 C.I.U. (Criminals in Uniform)
12 Intro
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1. Dead Embryonic Cells
2. Arise
3. Desperate Cry
1. Orgasmatron
2. Arise
3. Desperate Cry
1. Dead Embryonic Cells
2. Arise
3. Desperate Cry

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