Best Songs from ShadyXV

Shady records releases their 15th anniversary complation album, with the whole first first disc being new material! Led by the one and only, Eminem.

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1 Psychopath Killer

I just love the flow to this song its lyrically amazing!

This song is amazing the flow is awesome - DK

I agree- I don't even think this is contested
Em's verse is among his top 10 verses of all time, and also Royce bodied it too.

2 Vegas

Dissing and Destroying Iggy?! After years we are witnessing another Mariah Carey thing finally! True Shady is Back after years!

Man this song is amazing

Didn't show the original bad meets evil kindof flow but great flow beat and lyrics and stuff - burningninja06

3 Guts Over Fear

This song almost brought me to tears because Eminem talks about his entire career, how he feels his career is over, and how he hopes his story inspires to live their dreams. This song sounds like an endgame song, which makes me very sad! Long live Shady!

I'm sad. It make me felt like he's retiring but than he released kings never die and said he would never retire..i hope this song gets more recognition

Same when t was released it made me feel he is done

4 Die Alone

Have a feeling this song is about Kim Em's Ex Wife

This is the worst song off the album.

5 Shadyxv

I cried laughing at the Fack part, it never gets old to me

6 Detroit vs. Everybody

This song is Great but Danny Brown really sucks at this song. I hate his verse

Royce the 5'9" and Eminem are good, but those other hacks some call "rappers" really ruins the song.

I actually like a verses

Epic, I am mixed on danny browns verse, but I actualy really like big sean

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7 Lose Yourself

Aw, come on! Everybody knows that this is his best!

This is in the compilation so it doesn't count the demos alright - burningninja06

Great version. The demo is sick

8 Twisted

To be honest, this whole album is garbage. However, this was the only song that got my attention. That doesn't necessarily mean it's fantastic, it just means it is the only tolerable song in an album that is best left unplayed.

It is just amazing, the flow, the beat and vocals by Skylar, Eminem and Yelawolf are just amazing

Eminem and Skylar sing the hook as Yelawolf accompanies them with a fantastic rap!

Great. Made me cry

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9 My Band

Honestly, in my opinion, this should be #1. I love the beat and the flow, and its pure shady. I mean, Eminem and marshall are both good but slim's the best man

Great song except for the ending

10 In Da Club

Best song

The Contenders

11 Purple Pills
12 Fine Line

Lyrically beautiful song, great flow, meaning.

13 Y'all Ready Know

This song is mad dope, it's old school and everyone spits dope verses

14 Down
15 Bane
16 Right for Me

Got that horrorcore felling to it like the song underground - burningninja06

17 I Get Money
18 Till It's Gone
19 Cry Now
20 Let's Roll
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