Best Songs from Shawn Mendes' Handwritten


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1 Life of the Party

I looked very carefully up and down the page, but could not find a choice for "None of the above".

In this album he sounds like Taylor Swift in Speak Now and Fearless

ПCan't wait to meet you to join the animatronic family we open real soon try your best to hold on to sanity come get to know me and you won't wanna leave after tonight down here we're lonely and we would love you to join us for a bite Shawn. You've been through twenty long frightful nights. You've seen their faces felt all their bites. You know our show is so far from over, and Freddy told us your an organ donor. All eyes are on you we can walk you through our dark fantasy, learned what we've gone through we can teach you to laugh at tragedy. You the nightmares Shawn ended back at hell we're all still right here... So "LET'S GET FRIENDLY! ". We're feeling festive we're feeling festive join the party Shawn we'll try hard not to bite. Anger is restless, don't hold it against us we're alright. The fun is starting a celebration that lasts eternally, I'm always watching... Because somebody demonic murdered me. We'll be founded deep under ground what have I done Shawn to deserve this ...more

2 Something Big

Nice notes. He sounds like Taylor Swift in her Fearless, Speak Now, and Red era

3 Air

I tried listening to this then to Taylor Swift's "Tim McGraw." Same Same Same. He copied Taylor! Again!

This is country music!

4 Strings

I spent and hour just trying to memorize the rap part, totally worth it though.

The internet lied about him;they say he does pop music but some songs in this album is country-pop

5 Kid In Love

Such a cute song I literally can't stop listening to it

6 I Don't Even Know Your Name


Hi Swift.

7 Never Be Alone

I swear it sounds like this song was in a movie.

ПYou're heart is pounding
But it can't be stopped
You tell yourself it's okay
It's to bad your doors can't be lock
To keep the monsters away
You check behind the door
There's nothing there no more
You should've stayed in bed Shawn
You've heard this noise he do
You dart across the floor
Try not to lose your head
Prepare for the horror
This night will keep repeating over and over
Until you make it to the end
They hide 'round the corner
You better peel your eyes
So keep looking over your shoulder
Cause you'll never be alone again😈👿"
First there was one
And it might be three
You turn around just in time
You hear a chuckle
And you turn back and see
The closet doors open wide
You look around the space
And see a creepy face
Turns out it's just your toy
But it seems out of place
You leave it just in case
I might a decoy.
You'll never be alone again😈
You'll never be alone again ...more

8 Stitches

Taylor Swift must be your hero! This is really a variation of Bad Blood

9 This Is What It Takes

Time for your control shock Shawn, time for your control shock! Let's see how many pieces I cut you Shawn you won't die but you'll wish you could 😈👿"!

Don't be afraid Shawn Mendes... Soon you be just like me... Beautiful! Now I get to play take apart and put back together! You won't feel a thing shawn😈... I wanted to wait just the right moment to drop in! It's so much more fun hanging out in here with you. He's here Shawn, and always watching, the one you shouldn't have killed.😈👿"!

10 Aftertaste

OK soprano.

Its amazing

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11 A Little Too Much

Canadian teenage pop singer gone country!

12 I Know What You Did Last Summer

This is the BEST song. I love you Shawn. And thank you for collaborating with Camila Cabello (the EMPRESS).

13 Imagination

Wasn't this song based on White Horse by Taylor Swift? The chorus is to the tune of White Horse's chorus,

This song should not be at 14

14 Treat You Better

This is by far the best song! Come on people!

15 Crazy

The F major version was too bad. Sing all u had to do stay by Taylor Swift

16 Bring It Back
17 The Weight
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