Best Songs from Shawn Mendes' Handwritten


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1 Life of the Party Life of the Party

I looked very carefully up and down the page, but could not find a choice for "None of the above".

In this album he sounds like Taylor Swift in Speak Now and Fearless

2 Something Big Something Big

Nice notes. He sounds like Taylor Swift in her Fearless, Speak Now, and Red era

3 Air Air

I tried listening to this then to Taylor Swift's "Tim McGraw." Same Same Same. He copied Taylor! Again!

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4 Strings Strings

The internet lied about him;they say he does pop music but some songs in this album is country-pop

5 Kid In Love Kid In Love
6 Never Be Alone Never Be Alone

I swear it sounds like this song was in a movie.

7 I Don't Even Know Your Name I Don't Even Know Your Name
8 Stitches Stitches

Taylor Swift must be your hero! This is really a variation of Bad Blood

9 This Is What It Takes This Is What It Takes
10 Aftertaste Aftertaste V 1 Comment

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11 I Know What You Did Last Summer I Know What You Did Last Summer

This is the BEST song. I love you Shawn. And thank you for collaborating with Camila Cabello (the EMPRESS).

12 A Little Too Much A Little Too Much

Canadian teenage pop singer gone country!

13 Crazy Crazy

The F major version was too bad. Sing all u had to do stay by Taylor Swift

14 Imagination Imagination

Wasn't this song based on White Horse by Taylor Swift? The chorus is to the tune of White Horse's chorus,

15 Bring It Back Bring It Back
16 The Weight The Weight
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